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Delta and the Bannermen Baby Food

Started by elkad, Mar 12, 2023, 02:40 pm

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I've been trying to figure out the syringes used in this prop, & what could be used for the baby food inside.

d07-7f-c351.jpgNo message is associated with this attachment.d07-7f-c257.jpgd07-7f-c345.jpg


My first thought is pistachio pudding.


My brain is thinking on how to make this. What type of syringe is it, how many ML is it, & how do I make the aluminum/ plastic vacuum packaging. From the first image, the tip is located at the side instead of the middle. I can't see any numbers or names to indicate the brand of syringe.

I did buy some party syringes last Halloween, but I'm not quite sure.

Party Syringes.jpgParty Syringes (2).jpg

Ah! Found a close up, but the numbers & letters are hard to read.



It could be anything, mixed with a green food dye.