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Adafruit Sound FX Board for Sonic Electronics

Started by Berenvonbaggins, Jan 25, 2023, 01:56 pm

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I've found this amazing little board that Adafruit makes which I think would make a neat and simple little device to use for sonic screwdrivers, and almost any other noisy gadget!

You just plug this board into your PC via a micro USB, then just drag and drop .wav or .ogg files onto the board like a flash drive. You rename the sounds to correspond with a pin number. Then all you have to do is wire in a button and a power source to that pin. If that pin gets power, it will play the sound assigned to it. It's that easy, no code, no hassle. All you need to know is how to solder and circuitry basics. You can even name the files to loop until the button is no longer pressed, making it potentially very ideal for sonic screwdrivers. Plus, the board is tiny, like the size of 2 US quarters side-by-side (sorry British folks  :-\ )

Here's a link to the product. It also comes in different drive sizes and different output types so you can use a beefier speaker if you want, though I doubt that is necessary for our sort of purposes.

I'm probably gonna give this a go sometime to see how easy it is, but it seems pretty plug n' play if you ask me!
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I've used this board recently. It's great, but it won't fit in any of the Sonic Screwdrivers. It still has lots of uses, it's very versatile. It really is a great board.


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Quote from: elkad on Mar 29, 2023, 04:25 pmI found a site that has sonic soundboards, but you'll have to get one to see if will fit.
Ah, Erv Plecter! I used to be on a lightsaber forum way back when he was first developing his soundboards for them. IIRC he's incorporated, not just multiple sounds, but rotation sense so that the pitch will change depending on how you angle the sonic!

I see his Plecter Labs website (somewhere I haven't been in years) says no stock for the sonic boards, so i assume the link is a private seller with one (or more) they never used.
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I was working on a BSG cockpit simulator and needed switched sound effects.  Found this on Amazon ....


It is only 32mm on a side and includes everything (trigger switch, battery and speaker) you need to add any wav or mp3 file you want.  There is a larger version which handles 8 input triggers and has a 2watt built in amp, powerful enough to run a desktop speaker directly.


Adafruit  module is still available.......


Need to add speaker, and other peripheral parts