Scotland Yard's transforming Newbery TARDIS!

Started by scotland yard, Jan 17, 2023, 09:43 pm

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scotland yard

Jan 17, 2023, 09:43 pm Last Edit: Jan 17, 2023, 09:48 pm by scotland yard
So, yesterday I've decided to start another TARDIS model!

Behind the scenes, I've been doing lots of models I haven't posted here (I'll post them at another time!), and I've been getting the hang of it, so I thought I'd  challenge myself and make a Newbery model a la scarfwearer, being able to alternate between its regular look during the Tom Baker years and its appearance in Logopolis! After all, the only major things that changed was the roof and the signage. How hard can it be?  ;D

So, after some designing and some laser-cutting, I came up with this:

*Changing signs

The sign boxes are separate from the main build. They are double-sided, to allow for the two sets of signs, and will be held to the main body via magnets. They are built using three pieces of wood, the piece in the middle having a hole to allow for one magnet. The clever thing would of course to have made holes for 2 magnets so I could flip the sign on itself, but the truth is that I only had 10 magnets and if I wanted each sign box to have 2 magnets, I would have needed 16 magnets and I wasn't about to go and buy 6 more magnets  :P


The magnet in the middle of each sign box:


Then, the next bit of course is putting the magnets on the TARDIS's main body. The box itself is built using a layered construction, so one of the layers has a hole for the magnet.


Since I'm only using one magnetic connection per sign, meaning I can't flip signs on themselves as the magnets would repel, I had to mind the polarity of the magnets I put here, making sure there were two norths and two souths facing outwards so I could swap signs out with other sides while also flipping them all, allowing me to have the two sets of signs I need.

*Changing roofs

The roof is its own separate piece. I was keen for the TARDIS to be self-contained - I wanted all the different pieces to fit inside the TARDIS so having two sets of roofs was a no. My solution was to have a double-sided roof: on one side there's the Newbery roof and on the other there's the TYJ roof fitted in Logopolis. The roof will sit on top of the main body, loosely secure via a tight fit.


*Putting it all together

Much to my delight, I only started this project yesterday but the blue paint moment is almost ready! So naturally, I expect to finish this in seven months  :P

But putting it all together, we have the main body of the TARDIS, lacking a permanently attached roof and top signs:


We can magnetically add the signs:


And we can put the roof on, in both configurations:



I personally like both looks, kind of. The short roof is definitely very odd. Some days I think it looks nice, some days I think, hmmmm, maybe not  :P . The TYJ roof on the Newbery does look very nice thought, and I'm glad I'm making it work so that I can have both options.
Oh my giddy aunt!!


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Nice to see something posted in here, It's been a while . Good job so far by the way.

scotland yard

Of course, life got in the way!

The TARDIS was missing its quarter quadrants. Now, I usually just use full quadrants because it looks so similar anyway but I thought that for the Newbery, the quarter quadrants is an integral part of the look. I didn't have any quarter quadrants so I did what any sane person would do: buy quarter quadrants take some skewers and use a laser machine to chop them in four  :P


Then I glued them, and started painted the TARDIS in its first coat of blue. It's looking like this now:


I haven't finished painting it, this is only the first coat of blue, and it's a tad too light for my taste. I'm trying to mix a slightly darker blue for the final coat.
Oh my giddy aunt!!