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Glasgow apparently loves Police boxes

Started by Beltalowda, Jan 13, 2023, 12:19 pm

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I grew up near Glasgow, but have lived in Japan for quite a few years now. I recently (December 2022) visited Scotland to see family and had a wee wander around Glasgow too. I wanted to compare the TARDIS I built with real ones, so I decided to take some pictures of the Police Boxes I know, and then found a couple more quite by accident. There is one I missed on Wilson Street, so no pictures of that one unfortunately.

The first is well known, nestled next to the Botanic Gardens, on the corner of Byres Road and Great Western Road. I remember this being in a terrible state when I was a student in Glasgow, looks like they sell coffee now.

Some of the window repairs look a bit dodgy.

Right hand side

Buchanan Street
Another one I already knew about, it seems to be a CBD shop now.

And from behind

And a dry shot, getting this picture was a challenge.

London Road, next to the Barras market. I didn't know about this one and just happened to bump into it on the way to the Barras.

And from behind

I noticed there were some plaques describing the box and who placed/restored it. Looking a little worse for wear now.


Bottom end of Sauchiehall Street near the top of Buchanan Street. Couldn't figure out what it was being used for, although it did have security cameras, perhaps it's a "Police Box"?

And from the back

Close up

Looks like this one has been to Trenzalore

Sauchiehall Street no.2 - this one is new to me, and I originally thought they moved the one further down until I walked all the way down. This one sells food and seems to be in reasonable condition.

And the back

Window close up

And a bonus Police box I spotted while in Edinburgh during my recent trip.

Andrew Harvey

Brilliant pictures of the Glasgow boxes. Battered, vandalized but still standing solid! Like silent sentinels of a long lost time.... Love the last one from Edenborough; nice 'almost' play on words with the Tardigrades ( water bears) on the information board behind!
  Right on


A shame to see most of the boxes have had a rough past few years since they were fixed up.

Quote from: Andrew Harvey on Jan 13, 2023, 08:59 pmEdenborough

Edinburgh.  ;)

Andrew Harvey

Good heavens! Fancy spelling that wrong! Must clean my glasses.