Tardis E F G Lamp design (late Smith to Capaldi)

Started by alextheyellowthing, Jul 11, 2023, 04:38 pm

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So, lets get back to that lamp topic by alowing my self to repost my model and the links i found that still works but does not sell anymore the latern used on the E to G props and more durig this period of the show.

For a little back ground, the main body of the lamp was made out of a outdoor front yard/wall mounted lamp with 7 to 8 branches on the sides (still trying ot figure it out, maybe it was even both)

the top cap is still made out of that same guardman candle lantern used from the rivavle of the show.

and the part that mounts to te tardis was either a wood square where the lamps was screwede in place to a piece of metal cheminey/ guttering mounted to that previously mentioned square piece of wood.

tardis F lamp final 02.PNGtardis F lamp final quotes 2.PNGtardis F lamp final quotes 3.PNGtardis F lamp final quotes 4.PNGtardis F lamp final quotes 5.PNGtardis F lamp final quotes 6.PNGtardis F lamp final quotes.PNGtardis F lamp final.PNG