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Dalek Kamikaze Bomb Build

Started by elkad, Dec 30, 2022, 03:47 pm

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References: https://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=6659.msg82851#msg82851

First off, two half 2" ornament hemispheres. I used a 1 1/4" hole saw for the top, but the block I was using to line up, that has a 2" saw hole cut into was off.

Dalek Kamikaze Bomb (1).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (2).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (3).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (4).jpg

Now for the acrylic nib on the top. I used a 12mm thick bar & cut a 1 1/2" piece. I also cut some 4 PVC ones for the bottom hemisphere, which I only used 2, the others were just extra in case I flubbed up.

Dalek Kamikaze Bomb (5).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (6).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (8).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (7).jpg

I put the nib on a bolt lathe & shaved down the tip to fit in the hemisphere hole.

Dalek Kamikaze Bomb (9).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (10).jpg

Next, I used 2" SCH 40 PVC pipe on my drill lathe & cut some notches on the ends.

Dalek Kamikaze Bomb (11).jpg

Now for the pug for the bottom hemisphere. Shave down two glued PVC cut holes to fit snugly, glue, & sand down the edges.

Dalek Kamikaze Bomb (12).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (13).jpg

To make the magnet nibs on the side of the bomb will be a couple 1/2" SHC 40 PVC pipe rings. Put some 50 grit sand paper on the Bomb & sand down the pipe rings to make flush with the side.

Dalek Kamikaze Bomb (14).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (15).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (16).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (17).jpg

I used a piece of cardboard to make a level line down the bomb body & glued them at a mesured spot.

Dalek Kamikaze Bomb (18).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (19).jpg

Once I sand the pipe rings down I'll glue some button battery size neodymium magnets inside & seal it with another piece of flatten PVC pipe.

Dalek Kamikaze Bomb (20).jpg


I tried one magnet to each ring, but it couldn't hold up the bomb, so I doubled up & that worked. I glued a plate of flatten PVC on the top & suddenly the magnets wouldn't work again. SO, I had to sand & dermal down the plates till it was thin enough to let the magnets work again.

Dalek Kamikaze Bomb (21).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (22).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (23).jpg

As for the antenna wire, I use some striped out yellow Ethernet cable wire, coiled in the hole & screwed down. The screw has enough grip to hold it in place, since nothing will be hanging off it. I folded the wire into a question mark for fun.

Dalek Kamikaze Bomb (24).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (25).jpg

Two coats of primmer & two more coats of red, with a few sprites hear & there to cover up those pesky spots that evaded my two coats over the entire prop.

Dalek Kamikaze Bomb (26).jpg

Putting on the yellow paper was difficult, I had to measure out the position of the rings, cut a hole & leave space on the other end to overlap & glue to itself. I should have made a cardboard stencil to a line the rings & have an accurate yellow paper layout.
As for the divots I cut in the side, I think they should be thicker, I should have used a larger bit instead of my dremel cutting disc.
I am going to be making a cardboard paper version people can print out, so I need help on how to make a half hemisphere that you can print out & glue together, just using the software I have now.
I also want to make my NSD (new series Dalek), Kamikaze bomb that I made a drawing of in the reference forum. I will also be making a video for this prop. I'm thinking of attaching it to my brothers truck >)

Dalek Kamikaze Bomb (27).jpgDalek Kamikaze Bomb (28).jpg