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Ship In A Bottle

Started by elkad, Nov 21, 2022, 04:14 pm

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I had an Idea for a model Tardis, a literal "Ship In A Bottle". I only have a photoshop pic of what I'd like it to look like. Finding this specific bottle in a thrift store or flea market is lo, especially with my luck.


If I don't get around to making this, at least I've given the Idea to you & I can see your Ship In A Bottle.

Dose anyone know of any videos to how an actuate ship in a bottle, as in specifics on what tools & glue they use to make the ship? I'd like to get as much info as I can before I even remotely think to start gluing a Tardis In a bottle. I don't want it to end up a crashed ship in a bottle... Which doesn't sound that bad to make too. I thinking of the crashed Tardis in "Journey To The Center Of The Tardis". Lots of junk & cables propping it up on its side.


BTW: If I posted this in the wrong group, please let me know.


Sounds like a good idea but I'm not sure how you'd go about it.
The ship in a bottle only works because the body is slipped into the bottle with the sails down, then a string is used to pull the sails up and it then looks too big to go in through the bottle neck.
No idea how you'd replicate that with a Tardis though, as it's a much more solid structure.
Do let us know if you manage to work it out!




The Tardis would just be ether a 3d print, balsa wood, or plastic molds in small peaces you glue together from inside the bottle with long tweezers, starting from the bottom of the bottle up.

Andrew Harvey

What a lovely idea. Elkad, you could try using some of the plans on here for miniature Police boxes. Once the sides were assembled and a roof, they could be squeezed through the neck of your bottle I'm sure. You will need a very steady hand to put the bits together though! But well worth it I reckon.
  What about cheating and cutting a hole in the bottle, say for example in its bottom where you might have some scenic material? (Sea/Bathwater/gravel etc) Or make the box and 'cast' a bottle around it using clear cast resin? That would make a good paper weight! You could make your mould around any old bottle you liked.


The bottle in the picture reminds me of a tequila bottle.  Did a quick Google search and it is similar but I didn't see anything exact.  But yeah, if I were doing it, I might just do it the way they do ships in bottles:  Put hinges on all the corners and fold the box up like an accordion and then unfold it inside and push in a final hinge pin to link all the sides together.*  The base and roof require a bit more thought.  Maybe the base is just a part of the walls (as it was on my full-sized TARDIS).  Then have your lamp like a pencil, with the actual lamp as the "eraser" on top.  Drop of hot glue on the bottom of the "pencil," stick it down in the center of the walls, and then fit the roof in in little triangles, leaning them up against your center pole.  It could be an interesting little exercise.   
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I think a TARDIS in a bottle is a really tough ask. In a typical "ship in the bottle" scenario - at least the basic ship hull can fit through the bottle head, and the trick is how to erect the rigging within the bottle.  To do the same for a TARDIS you would probably need to make an entirely collapse-able model - several orders of magnitude more complex.

I can see an origami-like way of doing it -but I doubt the result will look that good.

Good luck!


I fond a video, & want to show you, as an example, how meticulous & precise it's going to be to make a TARDIS in a bottle,.. Once I find a bottle.


Just shuffled this to a more appropriate area :) as you were


Well, I got, A,, Bottle, not the bottle I was looking for, but its a start.

Ship In A Bottle (1).jpgShip In A Bottle (2).jpgShip In A Bottle (3).jpg

I made a pare of tweezers out of the rod from a windshield wiper, I also put some shrink tubing on the tips for grip.

Ship In A Bottle (4).jpgShip In A Bottle (5).jpg

I measured out the space to fit in the bottle. This is how big the model should be.

Ship In A Bottle (6).jpg

MY LUCK SUCKS! As ssoon, as I need my measuring caliper to measure out the bottle neck hole, I LOOSE IT IN MY, little aria!

Ship In A Bottle (7).jpg


That is a wonderful bottle.  This is probably going to be a challenging build, but what the heck, isn't that what hobbies are for? 
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
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I found my caliper, it was in with sonic disintegrator's. I wanted to measure them out for a set of blueprints & forgot they were there, buried under a bunch o other things stacked on top of that.😑