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Glass cylinder for console time rotor

Started by cdleeman, Oct 09, 2022, 12:54 pm

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Hi all, my son and I are just starting a Hartnell console build and are mostly in the ideas/prototype phase.

I'm looking into where to buy a plastic or glass cylinder (or vase) to use for the time rotor in the center, but most of the ones I've found are either too small or they cost a fortune. The widest diameter I found so far is 12" but I think I will need even wider than that.

Does anyone have any ideas on where to find one, or links to where you bought one in the past? Thanks in advance for any info!

Rassilons Rod

You'll have trouble finding something that size cheap...

I think you'll find more joy trying the tried and tested method (by fans and the builders on the show) of bending one or two thin sheets of perspex around the base and joining with more strips of plastic (and possibly small bolts, which you can see in some episodes).

Careful though, you will need to heat it to stop it from breaking. Good luck! :)
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Ah, interesting. I hadn't thought of that type of approach. I found some videos of people using heat guns to bend plexiglass, and it definitely looks do-able.

Thank you for the advice!


If you are in the UK, Dunelm sell a range of lights which come in transparent plastic 'cylinder' type cartons. They have a lid which you could glue a thin sheet of perspex to. They retail for around £30.00. Hope this helps. I may be looking at these for my build but im not sure of the diameter. If I pass my local store I will measure and update on here.


I'm in the U.S., but even finding the item you mentioned and paying the shipping on it seems like it would be worth it.

I did check Lowe's and Home Depot here and they have 36"x48" plexiglass sheets for $99 that could be heated and curved into a cylinder.

In the meantime I'm also checking the second-hand shops hoping to get lucky and find something usable!


A round fishtank may suffice also but I havent found any the right diameter...yet! I look forward to your build!


The time rotor is the challenge--especially to build a full-scale version.  I've thought about fish tanks, the base drum of a transparent drum set, or laying fiberglass over an appropriately sized form.  But bending and "welding" plexiglass is probably what I'll do if I ever get around to building a console. 
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Just for S&G's, here is the work so far on thecardboard prototype panels. Will probably post other progress under a different topic!



This was our progress so far on the console and it's looking okay. jpeg-optimizer_Screenshot_20230801-123055~2.pngjpeg-optimizer_Screenshot_20230801-123108~2.pngjpeg-optimizer_Screenshot_20230801-123141~2.png


We got this base thing for the top of the console cut out for everything to sit on.jpeg-optimizer_Screenshot_20230816-160222~2.png


Thin plastic sheet & rivets is the best way to go for a time rotor cylinder.