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Refurbishment of my box

Started by paul friday, Sep 13, 2022, 09:46 am

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paul friday

Hi all I don't tend to be very active on here however I do check in at least 3 times a week 😁 so I have a TYJ style full size box I acquired from eBay 12 years ago and gets a repaint 3 times a year!!  The corner posts are wood and so are the sign boxes however over the past few years as it displayed at the front of my house the Corner posts top and bottom are very rotten and all 4 need replacing as well as new sign boxes needed the rest is all fibreglass so no repairs needed on the main panels roof and base. Any one say within 100 miles of Clacton on sea fancy taking this on as a project?  Will need a repaint after that I can do it's the making of the posts and sign boxes I am not confident with or have the space and tools etc. Happy to deliver dismantled and pay for your valuable skilled time .  If interested best to email me as I will see this quicker. There are some pics of her on my older posts 😁😛