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1996 tvm tardis

Started by acquiesce, Jan 05, 2010, 10:17 pm

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Jan 05, 2010, 10:17 pm Last Edit: Feb 13, 2010, 10:08 am by Scarfwearer
just thought i,d gather a few opinions on the 1996 hudolin box whats peoples opinions regarding this box against the nst ? i do think the tvm tardis oozes class in a purposeful imposing kinda way an can,t help thinking that its really what the nst should have been bigger but in proportion an with neat details and rendering .

so here goes let the discussion begin what do you all think will be interested to see what people think ...........................  ;D
I didn't invent the hypothetical situation, but let's just suppose for a second that I did........


Jan 06, 2010, 04:38 pm #1 Last Edit: Jan 26, 2010, 12:00 pm by scarfwearer
cheers gemini an its a difficult choice between the two must admit they were the two on my build list  brachacki vs hudolin i swung for the hudolin as i,ve yet to see a full size replica so thought theres a challenge { my awkward side coming out ha ha }  and loris i tottaly agree to it is the most police boxy think thats why i like it the best of both worlds tardis an semi met box all in one ..................... an good point about the nst an the lamp will perhaps view it an a whole new light in the years to come  ;) am warming to the new matt smith revision too but still too clean hope it dirtys up a bit through the series   
I didn't invent the hypothetical situation, but let's just suppose for a second that I did........


Jan 05, 2010, 11:19 pm #2 Last Edit: Feb 13, 2010, 10:07 am by scarfwearer
I'm a fan of the original Met design, so I liked the TVM box because it was the most Police-boxey of all the ones that came before, with the possible exception of Hartnell's earliest years. 

Although funnily enough I also find it the one that looks least Tardis-y, if you see what I mean.  Growing up in the late 60s to mid 70s the Tardis I saw (and now remember fondly) was almost exclusively the flat-roofed Brachaki box, which was by then somewhat different to an original Met box. 

The NST.  Now it looks very different from an original Met box so I never had much of a fondness for it.  However since I've been building a small scale model of it I've grown to appreciate it a lot more as a design. It's actually not as fat as you imagine.  At least not at the moment, because I've yet to put the lamp on.  And I think that's possibly why it looks too wide on screen - it's because the lamp is thinner and taller than previous Tardis props.  Which seems to make the whole prop look bigger, wider.  That and the more square-ish panels.

I guess they needed to make the doors wider, but in doing so the panels widened.  They couldn't put the panels back into proportion, because that would have made the prop ridiculously tall, so they stretched it and increased the height as much as they could get away with.  I think that may be why the windows seem a bit higher too.

Matt's new one is strange too.  It looks thinner than the NST, but I put that down to the lamp being fatter and possibly the roof being a bit higher.  It looks a bit more Police-boxey than the NST, especially with the white windows.


Jan 06, 2010, 01:43 pm #3 Last Edit: Feb 13, 2010, 10:07 am by scarfwearer
I would tend to agree with you acquiesce on the Hudolin TVM box. Actually at one point in my build I had considered changing my design to become this box. I think this box offers the best of both worlds in design.

Ultimately I decided upon the Brachacki/Hartnell original box because I fell in love with the height, look and design of this classic.