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S12 Master's TCE

Started by SpectrumFATM, Jul 26, 2022, 09:15 pm

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Here's a little 3D Print of the newest Tissue Compression Eliminator as seen in Spyfall and The Timeless Children. I found the STL on the 3D Printing Doctor Who site.

It was printed in 4 parts in PLA on a Creality Ender-3 Printer with PLA. I used a 0.12mm layer height with an infill of 20% but this isn't necessary. I then went on to sand all the pieces with 120 and then 180 grit sand paper before priming and sanding again with a 400 grit sand paper (100, 200, 300 and 400 grit would be a better use but I was unable to get those) and then it was painted using a variety of enamel and acrylic paints. I used a range of brush sizes for these but I believe the gold can be airbrushed or spray painted on.

The Paints I used were:
- Humbrol MET 51 (Sunset Metallic Red)

-Tamiya Color XF-1 Flat Black
-Tamiya Color XF-1 Metallic Blue
-Tamiya Color XF-1 Chrome Silver
-Tamiya Color XF-1 Gold Leaf

I chose to paint the emitter silver since I did not have a resin printer available to me, but using resin could print a better clear emitter.

Please note I'm colourblind so these may not be the best choices of colour. I used my grandmother to help guide me but we were working off the photo on the previously mentioned site as there aren't many clear references.TCE.jpg


If your interested in remodeling or making another version, check out my build & info from the group.