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Planet Of Evil Anti-Matter Vaccine Glass & Canteen

Started by elkad, Jun 06, 2022, 05:12 pm

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In the episode "Planet Of Evil" professor Sarinson took an Anti-Matter Vaccine to keep from being contaminated by Ati-quark penetration.
I'm not sure if I posted this before, so let me know if I did.

d04-4h-c439.jpgd04-4h-c547.jpgflask04.jpgPlanet Of Evil 02 02.jpg


The glass looks like a certain plastic coffee mug, but I don't know the name of it. I thought if I could find one I could make one out of that, only having to mod by cutting the top section off.

plastic coffee mug.jpg


Made a quick diagram of the shape & size of the glass. I'm not sure what's written on the white stickers.



Dose anyone know what size the aluminum water bottle is? Just curious? I have a couple water bottles like the one in the screen capture, witch I lost somewhere, & I was going to use for another project. If I can't find them, I plan to purchase a new one & like to be specific as I can.

silver color aluminum water bottle with carabiner

silver color aluminum water bottle w-carabiner.jpg


I feel like I've seen the glass but I just can't place it.  Maddening.
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I just found the name at this second. It's a Plastic Mobile Travel coffee Mug with wide base.

Plastic Moble Travel coffee Mug wide base.jpg

Angelus Lupus

That shape of mug is more familiar to Star Trek fans as the coffee mugs from Deep Space Nine.
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Davros Skaro

To me it looks like a glass with an extra bit around it. Whether it's something aluminum with the top removed & a glass added inside it or what, I couldn't say.