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Tardis Pantry cont

Started by STEVO, Apr 28, 2022, 04:40 pm

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Apr 28, 2022, 04:40 pm Last Edit: Apr 28, 2022, 04:45 pm by STEVO Reason: forgot how to post
I posted before as lynlindy bit now cannot access my post cos time I guess - I had to stop due to illness but now hope to continue and maybe this will work out - its taken years to get  just today just to post again

Ive been out of it so long I cant even figure out how to post pics...


so just spent a v long time writing and adding pics only to post and it vanish..maybe a 5 plus year break wasnt enough?


So here we go again maybe this time it will work.
After illness then I wanted to move the build on further and add a few things

The PTO door to open to a box with a black wall phone
Make the windows for the inside of the doors to math the outside and sandwich the plastic.
generally tidy repaint and add signs pool, noodles? etc

I decided as this is a 11th Dr reset version to have the rear box for the PTO phone storage rather than it just hang on the inside as before. This way the door can open just for the phone, I can add an Echo dot and a phone charger cable to and a small light.

So then to start I cut out a basic hole in the panel using my multitool which when I could do it in place.
I was going to leave an edge for the door to close onto but on checking the rear box it seems to follow the panel size - so next is cutting it to the panel hole like the windows and the box will match this size.
2014-11-26 16.43.58.jpg2014-11-26 16.43.58.jpg
Should be east enough to size up from pics and drawing unless someone has the actual dims?
100.jpg100.jpg2014-11-26 16.43.58.jpg100.jpg118.jpg2014-11-26 16.43.58.jpg100.jpg101.jpg117.jpg118.jpg

One thing I like a lot is the light ive fitted inside lights up the POLICE BOX sign and the windows but with a solid door the PTO sign doesnt light up - having a opening in the back means no phone.
So in the PTO box I decided a small light could be fitted so when I turn on the main light the PTO sign lights also.

Still getting the hang of posting again and some tasks may take longer but hope to make good this project cos its been fun having in my kitchen for some years now.


First post in a while yielded some doubles in posting pics oops.
I was able to pic up some brass latches in my general store whos prices havent increased in years for a bargain and plan to ad them to the inside window to allow then to open in.

I need the sliders to hold them in place so they are still being looked for.
When all done i am going to to give it a finish coat paint and fix the SJA logo still in the cuboard waiting to go on

The sign itself then will need trimming to go into a small PTO door frame and its not in the best condition.


It a transparent plastic with the font on the front and the back just painted white - This without 3d letters gave the sign some depth. But over the time the paint has failed and if shone fron the back with a light will not look great.
So it may be some card or plastic while film that is a little more permanent.

The inside has a fluorescent light fitted at the top  and this in connected to a smart plug.
So with a smart home I can ask the COMPUTER TARDIS ON and the unit lights up any time. With a timer at night it goes on and off in the morning so its a nice this to walk past at night.

phew here we go again then....


OK pool noodles? no one asked..
It seems then from the behind the scenes docs that the later version of the 11th / 12th has these long tubes along either side of the doors.
Tardis vr 2.jpg

These are then pool noodles sprayed silver or grey? the inside of the pantry then needs thsi protection for all the dangerous cans of beans it contains.
Im sure it will be easy enough to find but im sure the same color noodle may take the color better than a varied selection - so quest to find a bunch of the same colored noodle to fix inside.

Many way to do this im sure so im goinf figure out as I come to it the best from all angles
I try to think of such problems as
Which is cheapest?
which is best?
Which is easiest?
Which when I change my mind for the 10th time can I take out and do differently without wrecking things?

This then with the a cut at the back can simply be pushed onto small batons to be held in place or making stair carpet timber strips with the hooks?

Its still made as I mentioned so that all the shelfs can come out and play in when needs must - photo ops?
Right now its being used to store the tools to work on it more than food....

right pool noodles are a LOT of money ....


Glad you managed to sort out your posting issues.

The box looks great.

Very clever.

Would love to have something like that in my kitchen!




One of the next decisions will be the look of the inside doors.
As I cheated and literally just glued baton front of the ply there isnt any detail inside.
At first I thought this better in case i wanted to hang things, add a blackboard paint panel to write shopping lists on etc.
Now im thinking as the doors are off soon to work on Ive two options?
Mark up and using a GREY marker drawer in the panels so they kinda look like they are there on the white painted backs.
Or router out perhaps 5mmm in and square up to give a much better look.
Using a marking knife the non joints can be scribed in for effect where they would be.

I already have the two locks for the top and bottom of the PTO door to lock in place.
This will help a lot as the long time joke is is says PULL TO OPEN but the doors open in..

Of course the Pull To Open door is only for the phone and everyone seems to see that and pull the small handle.

Maybe that is why they changed the new TARDIS to a black sign and out the handle on the other side?

Not a fan of the newest TARDIS tho for me it will always be the lovely clean reset Matt Smith from 5x01 brand new and clean...

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Quote from: STEVO on Apr 29, 2022, 07:58 amOK pool noodles? no one asked..
It seems then from the behind the scenes docs that the later version of the 11th / 12th has these long tubes along either side of the doors.
These are then pool noodles sprayed silver or grey?
It's far more likely those are pipe insulation, which already comes in silver/grey and are almost certainly much cheaper than pool noodles.
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Thanks a great idea instead of noodles def easier to get and easier to price up too.
Prob just leave plain and put up as is. Cheap as fries.



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I've got a photo of the Tardis being built on location that shows they just stuck these on two boards that went inside the box.
You could probably get away with cutting them in half along the length, which would not only halve the amount you need (and make it even cheaper) but also give you more room to open the doors.
A mixed-up non-conformist, trying to fit in.


Yes such pics are a great way to figure stuff out I much have loads of references.
Its made in such a way as the plywood sides are just plane and painted the same blue.
This means the shelf batons are set back inside the posts and do not interfere with the doors.
fitting the insulation then would not be a problem and defiantly lend some interest to the plain insides.

Id like one of the old wall size wallpaper sets they used to sell for the later 11th Dr version but it was costly even back then when available and fit that on the back wall?
Maybe something like back wall? in some manner it would not matter if its in parts?
so thoughts are find a good enough resolution of the back wall or a cgi image and print off pages of A4 even as a puzzle and stick up - as the shelfs will hide the joints it could be nice to have it on the back wall or even boards slightly proud with lighting behind? - it will always depend on getting the best outcome for the best price and easiest as in the work triangle of course.


well the backwall image there is one of my older outdated 3D model renders of the interior backdrop heres how the updated one looks now Time okdrop.jpg

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Quote from: The_TARD1Sman on Apr 29, 2022, 03:31 pmwell the backwall image there is one of my older outdated 3D model renders of the interior backdrop heres how the updated one looks now Time okdrop.jpg

A thing of beauty!

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Well that render is soo good thats why out of al the stuff I found online its the one I liked the most.

As much as I love the orange steampunk reset 11th Matt Smith original this I think is the next definitive one desktop after the original Hartnell.

It would be great to find on flattened out pic from behind the console of just the back wall from floor to ceiling to go on the interior back wall.

Saying that there are so many options including just running the grey insulation in the whole inside? or painting inside back with a stencil effect.
Maybe draw out the back wall pattern then router out the hexagon type shapes and cut through to light up from behind.

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Are the noodles on the right and left walls leading into a shed console room or is that in the 4x4 foot space?