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1980's citadel Doctor Who miniatures...

Started by Andrew Harvey, Mar 03, 2022, 11:09 pm

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Andrew Harvey

After reading the thread about jelly babes and bags of little green soldiers I was reminded of these oldies in my collection. A quick look in google shows lots more of these superb little figures including the box art, so no need to include them here. I remember they did lots of the main characters, we only had five Doctors back then, but there was the Brig, Benton and Joe and Romana. (I didn't have those as my pocket money was not enough!)

Citadel Daleks (2).JPGCitadel Doctor Who - Leela.jpgCitadel Doctor Who and Sarah.jpgCitadel Doctor Who and the Daleks (2).JPGCitadel Doctor Who and the Daleks.JPG[attach id=241434]Citadel Daleks


Never seen these before.
They look great.
Any more info on them?




Nothing has prepared me for the leering sight of Hartnell and Troughton in the last picture...