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Cidermans Hell Bent (ish) Console

Started by ciderman, Dec 03, 2021, 08:40 pm

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Also, I have a question  For the final coat of paint is it Gloss, soft sheen, eggshell or.. ?


Not having done a console, I will not make a specific recommendation, just provide my thoughts from having built a TARDIS, A-Team van, and seen actual TV and movie Star Trek props:  It depends. 

If the intent of your console is to have something that looks cool and you can show off when you have friends over, I would lean toward as glossy a finish as I could.  That's, I would say, what our brains interpret a TARDIS console as looking like. 

If your intent is to build something to be photographed or filmed, then go the other way--as dull as you can.  "Star Trek: The Next Generation" communicator badges are the best example of this.  If you see one in cosplay, it is almost always a highly polished, highly reflective two-tone metal.  But the actual props from the TV show are cheap plastic, spray-painted with dull silver and gold.  Because that photographs better and you don't have to worry about reflections from the set lighting during shooting. 

The A-Team had a lot of cars on it.  The van was the most notable, of course.  And the original hero van had a high-gloss automotive finish.  But after the first half-season, all the vans they used for shooting had a satin finish to cut down on reflections and make them easier to shoot.  Rewatching the show, even the bad time they're taking on an Asian mob and the Big Bad, naturally, has a big black shiny limousine.  Actually not so shiny.  Looking at it on a DVD and a modern LCD TV it is pretty clear that they liberally touched up the paint with a matte finish to make it easier to shoot. 

The last consideration I will make is quality of fit and finish (as well as intent).  Gloss shows imperfections while matte helps hide them.  My A-Team van is not a professional job and besides the paint, there are a number of body imperfections.  The gloss finish really brings out every paint run, ding, and Bondo repair.  A satin finish would likely look better.  My TARDIS, on the other hand...well, that's even more beat up than the van.  But I *want* it to look beat-up, so a glossy finish works very nicely on it. 

I'd type more, but I've got a needy dog, whining to be petted and I'm remembering the cat snuck out the door earlier this morning so I should probably round him up and get him inside.  Best of luck. 
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Thanks Volpone. I dont want the blemishes to show too much so I will veer away from gloss as much as I can. So maybe a Matt or mid sheen I think.


I agree.

Gloss is a nightmare to use.
Every imperfection just leaps out.
A satin or mid sheen will probably give you a good "best of both worlds".

Looking forward to seeing the result.



I made a start on the internal struts/supports and as always cardboard was my friend so I cut out what looked like the correct angle and length then cut the wood to the shape with a small 'fin' for underneath. I think it looks ok.IMG-20220910-WA0008.jpgIMG-20220910-WA0009.jpgIMG-20220910-WA0010.jpgIMG-20220910-WA0011.jpg


Fixed two of the struts on and cut all the others out to size. Hopefully will be able tobget some panels on by the end of the week.IMG-20220926-WA0002.jpgIMG-20220926-WA0000.jpg


A little more progress has been made with all the supporting struts now in place and the panels cut. I had to use every scrap of wood I could find so this console is a real collection of different things i.e, old shelves, my sons wardrobes for the panels and wood I've been scraping together for years! But in all fairness she's looking pretty good so far. I cut out some cardboard fins to get a feel of how easy it is to cover the rough edges.IMG-20221015-WA0009.jpgIMG-20221015-WA0008.jpgIMG-20221015-WA0007.jpgIMG-20221015-WA0006.jpgIMG-20221015-WA0005.jpgIMG-20221015-WA0004.jpg

Andrew Harvey

Wow! That has really sprung into shape! Looking great!


Quote from: Andrew Harvey on Oct 15, 2022, 04:48 pmWow! That has really sprung into shape! Looking great!
Thanks! At least it looks like a console so I cant be doing too badly. I will leave the last panel off for now so I can reach the middle to measure the collar up etc. Once its painted I can measure the controls out. I will also try to get some roundled walls and make it look like a console room after its built.
Its still warm enough to work in the garage but there is a nip in the air but I have the side plinths to fit as well and then I think when it gets too cold I can move indoors and try and figure out the central column.


Greetings all. Its getting colder in the uk and wetter so woodcutting is a nightmare at the moment but I managed to cut some side plinths and fix them roughly on but my goodness, each side is a different length/angle so it needs a lot of filler to make it right which is next weeks job.IMG-20221126-WA0001.jpgIMG-20221126-WA0002.jpgIMG-20221126-WA0003.jpgIMG-20221126-WA0004.jpg
I wont be happy until I get the white paint applied which will be next month I think.
On a positive note, a freind is donating some huge whiteboard sheets so I can make some roundelled walls and get a console room fitted as well!

Andrew Harvey

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  Arg! Tis looking great! Cant wait to see it with all the bits on!