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My Tennant Console Project

Started by jpittsta, Nov 17, 2021, 04:19 pm

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And here's where everything changes...E46E24CF-E51A-49F3-81A5-C5D73C8CC47B.jpeg62CC5F52-7C61-4A2D-96E3-CB93E99AD3D2.jpeg


Yep, I dismantled the console entirely as I'm allowed to finally use my old bedroom as I moved rooms, I wasn't allowed to take the bed frame out so it's flipped up to the side, it's a lot darker in there, warmer in there yet a little more cramped but it's worth it as it's right next to my room too so it's very convenient, sorry for the quality of some of them it's because I was building it on an Instagram live streamEBC36885-8080-4757-9C9F-629DD84A6CA4.jpegCBE4DBC7-60F3-4573-B1BB-BC7793A9D47F.jpegBABABF9B-8342-41B6-BEE9-D50F6997307B.jpeg8D5322F9-1ED0-4E70-9721-49E12D1EDE62.jpeg60911984-F6D6-48AA-B5FA-CB6A38FAFC47.jpegC71D0798-B851-4821-9542-3834E5A9B10A.jpegF947B1F1-6175-4C3F-941C-AF13E50D7282.jpegAB3DB025-FBF6-41F9-8FB8-24CB353D134D.jpeg6808F11A-BA21-4E69-AB78-75EE21F92D63.jpeg


I did forget to mention that a while back I changed out the little rotor lights for the strip lights that are hooked from the panel lights, I also bought an extra strip which I put under the console at this stageA6D98E32-6C8C-4EDB-B04D-1592FFD1AB16.jpeg99C58712-E000-4187-A072-99E43BA74B75.jpegB3F81813-C587-4441-82B2-78A9E5468DDB.jpeg


Simply beautiful.
The lighting is particularly atmospheric-
Well done!