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My Tennant Console Project

Started by jpittsta, Nov 17, 2021, 04:19 pm

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As I can't cut the mesh panels I've bent them in shape to fit the console, it's not a perfect fit and it warps the shape a bit but it's on there now and looks awesome I think49425D7B-F68D-48BF-BE6A-E68C3A1313E3.jpeg103E3E3F-E149-4916-8C12-8B5EFF8F2C2E.jpeg1B1A7E80-7B5F-4DF1-8873-5715F1E84FB2.jpegDC28F46E-FF61-4456-9FAF-DE253928223F.jpeg79B44310-678E-436C-B6EF-AFD52E0B993B.jpeg


I've done the other mesh panel which was a nightmare and had to be glued, though I love this panel still9B3ED780-0A29-4CBA-998D-B60DEB5A407D.jpeg04B632A5-742B-4DAB-8FE6-A1E6DF5EA66E.jpeg66704C7E-D001-49E9-9E4A-18BAD9431D7C.jpeg82B6E04A-8DD2-461B-8B68-17E84540A80D.jpeg


Here's the mesh panels unlit and the next morning I got a purple paperweight, not in the best condition but it's cheap and also there wasn't ever one seen on the console but it makes my console unique and I like itF0877C82-227B-443B-905C-E5ADBE16A8DD.jpegB06B409A-1DBA-4B74-AC05-2E1189F9D5CF.jpeg83B8837B-E900-40EB-87B7-C5CB3AF0E28D.jpegEC4C1198-2ADC-4DBD-BDC3-C51B9A4862DA.jpeg5677D30D-E17C-4BF9-8030-39A5779A13CA.jpeg


Put some masking tape on one of the rims just to see how it would look until I get some proper cream paint that's actually works unlike my old stuff, and put a blue LED behind the new purple paperweight and the purple paperweight replaced the orange one and now the orange one is on another panel which looks green in the photo 239E7999-853C-4B73-BAFB-2C0784C8F174.jpegAA5AC3EE-2566-4988-B3E7-7E5C54952813.jpeg9491A252-2190-4702-B032-A735A0D974F6.jpeg


Started to make some rib edging for one of the mesh panels and for the studio board I made a cut out specially for it and it fits well9FAF162B-0B9D-4234-84BA-8C805F2FDF94.jpegC4F5883D-798C-45B7-918B-1D1BE8CC2DC5.jpegE2136C69-2D59-4FC7-BD71-CD4C389B4CF0.jpegC1113523-7446-4D0D-A52B-4FF962E3A0F3.jpegCD4858DC-E6BC-4C85-9490-B0D63D88FBEA.jpegB4312D24-1668-4F75-8477-4BEA03560833.jpeg


Added another edging for the other mesh panel and showed it both lit up and not, this panel is still a nightmare and the parts slide off very easily, so I've used some blutack to hold the parts up 7BC5B161-96F3-482E-BEBA-E90EF99B5B12.jpeg8CA0E8AB-B649-4318-B712-1E823C82A2AB.jpeg778C241C-EC74-4858-9088-AE4DA1A2EA98.jpeg6599FC65-4401-4970-A5A2-47E5E2ACD477.jpeg22F64D8D-0260-4B56-9C38-982FA832D717.jpeg


I need to increase the height of my console so I want to put another plant pot under the disks to increase it, I'll also need a taller time rotor in future and also I'd like to get some more plant pot plates for the top to complete the rotor, and it'll make it look better for photos, then I'll also need to add some more cardboard structuring then I can focus on getting more parts and bits and bobs, I'll try to keep this updated more even though it's a bit difficult, but I hope you're enjoying it so far


I think that what you have done, considering your build is primarily cardboard, is quite simply astonishing.

You should be really proud of what you have achieved.


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It's brilliant!

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This is looking freaking awesome. Love the use of the mess, Might have to do something similar with one of my panels. And is that a K2 meter I spotted. Use to have one myself years ago but unfortunately sort of lost it which still annoys me to this day.
Can't wait to see more of this console.


Well done, that is brilliant! :)


I seem to remember someone who did a lot of impressive work with papier mache.  At the risk of offering unsolicited advice, that might be an option on the cardboard structure if you're looking for stronger and more seamless.  (That said, it looks pretty great as is.  Just brainstorming.) 
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Well done on your impressive build, which I've been watching since you started it!  It's looking really good and amazing that you've been able to make it from cardboard, a favourite medium of mine for making things.  As Volpone suggests, papier mache would be an option for adding strength to it, and still retaining the organic look of this console.  I've used tissue paper as a top layer very successfully to give a textured look and it accepts paint beautifully once fully dry.

Anyway, keep up the great work! 😁😁👍


I'd like to thank all of you for the compliments to my build and all the great ideas, hopefully I'll be able to do them, I need to find some old newspaper for the mache as I don't currently have any but once I do I'll get to it. Here's a little video I made showing off my console, you lot are amazing and encouraging me to go further,thanks again

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You've done an amazing job.
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