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The KKLAK! console

Started by seanclarke1, Oct 09, 2021, 08:29 pm

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I recently purchased the book Kklak!: The Doctor Who Art of Chris Achilleos.

On page four is the following picture.


The picture is distorted due to me not wishing to damage the book when scanning the picture.

This console is new to me.  Can any one shed any light on it?

Best regards,
Sean Clarke.


This is the console that speedily made by a small team of people for Science of the Time Lords event at the National Space Centre a few years back.

Here's a badly framed image of my own, honestly didn't spend very long with it!


I believe they churn this one out when they can't/wont afford another one. Previously Kevin Chapman's Tom Baker console had appeared.


Kind of a preview of what An Unearthly Child would've been like if it'd gotten half the budget it actually received.


It's an interesting study in the time rotor.  I'm always surprised at just how big the time rotor is on the classic series console.  And then shocked and frustrated by the cost and lack of good options to make one.  This time rotor is, of course, out of proportion.  It doesn't look terrible at first glance, but the more you look at it, the more it bothers you subliminally. 

Interesting, how the time rotor is so much narrower in the '96 TVM, but it works because it is so completely different.  Different style console, rotor that goes to the ceiling...  When you've got a classic console and the rotor is too small it looks odd. 
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