Reference pictures: Mk Ia Console (Refurb) (1975)

Started by Scarfwearer, May 13, 2009, 11:44 am

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Quote from: PurpleBlancmange board=faq thread=12 post=29 time=1234259433Planet of Evil:  The console debuts with its latest refurb. Most of the controls are replaced with new items, some of the original levers are retained.  The original, much modified rotor is modified once again, this time the gels are switched from green to red and the "new" perspex detailing from the previous refurb is simplified.

*The image above is actually from The Pyramids of Mars - this was in the same season as Planet of Evil.

Please feel free to add photo references for this prop here, making sure that your photo is of the prop used during the correct era above.

For a full summary of the console history, see Purple's FAQ entry.