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Flatline miniature Tardis build

Started by brenk9carter, Sep 05, 2021, 09:16 pm

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Sep 05, 2021, 09:16 pm Last Edit: Sep 05, 2021, 09:20 pm by brenk9carter
Hey Tardisbuilders, long time no see! its been a while since i uploaded to here and figured this is the perfect little prop to share with you all.
if anyone here follows me on instagram then youll know ive been very busy the last year or so making 11th dr sonic screwdrivers (i may put a gallery post about them at some point.)
so this is just a little side project I've been working on for a couple weeks or so now, the shrunken tardis from flatline.
I got hold of the plans used to make the original prop (they're on the designers portfolio online, thanks @The_TARD1Sman  ;)  ) and drew it up on CAD.
which means this should be as accurate as anyone can get!
Screenshot (3).png
Screenshot (4).png
its designed very similarly to a full size build with all the separate modules that fit together
Screenshot (6).png
I've initially 3d printed all the parts for it however I will be making moulds of the parts and casting them in resin so it's a bit heavier and more solid.

the first printed version looks okay so far, everything fits together more or less and printed quite well.
ive been through a couple different versions of a few parts but thats expected of course.

20210905_214225 (2).jpg
its a bit bigger than the CO flight control tardis, (i think it looks better too!)
and next to the Rubbertoe Replicas siege mode tardis itll make a good set (just need to make that half size one to complete it, dont tell the missus  ;)  )
20210905_215844 (2).jpg


A guitar, a fiddle, a Paul McCartney bass, and a drum set?  I'm starting to think the TARDIS may not be the most interesting thing you're up to. 
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Quote from: Volpone on Sep 06, 2021, 04:07 amA guitar, a fiddle, a Paul McCartney bass, and a drum set?  I'm starting to think the TARDIS may not be the most interesting thing you're up to. 

thats not even all of it, ive got a few more instruments hidden back there, ive done a little bit of recording so far but not that much, as for interesting, id say the sonics im doing are far more interesting than all that!


Quote from: Volpone on Sep 06, 2021, 04:07 amA guitar, a fiddle, a Paul McCartney bass, and a drum set?  I'm starting to think the TARDIS may not be the most interesting thing you're up to. 

As someone who knows Bren, he's a VERY interesting person. He's had multiple bespoke Capaldi coats made for him by Steve Ricks, and he even "destroyed" one to match Capaldi's Twice Upon a Time outfit. He's recorded covers of Beatles and Paul McCartney songs (and a few original songs, I believe). He's made replicas of the Smith and Capaldi sonics. He's modified a NSD Dalek replica to run on an electric wheelchair, and made the gun shoot water. He modified two CO TARDIS toys for me, making a late Troughton/early Pertwee era Brachacki Altered and a S18 TYJ. The best of all though is his TARDIS replica, which he's gone back and modified multiple times to improve the accuracy.

In short, Bren is a great friend, an amazing person, and a jack of all trades. (Not to fanboy, I'm just jealous of all his skills!)

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May 06, 2023, 09:04 pm #4 Last Edit: May 06, 2023, 09:06 pm by brenk9carter
been a little while again!
so my focus has shifted back on to this project recently after a good while off it.
ive spent the last week or so moulding and casting all the individual parts to build up the box, I didnt want to just 3d print and paint it, i wanted to do it a bit more accurately and higher effort.

I reprinted the whole thing again, this time in blue to iron out some tolerance issues

then got round to making the moulds for the parts, which began with making masters, i first did the walls
20230414_203642 - Copy.jpg
20230416_185413 - Copy.jpg

20230427_184305 s.jpg
Here's a fresh casting next to a finished painted one
20230425_215330 s.jpg
test fit looks good!
20230425_215453 S.jpg

i cut the wall master in half to make the one for the doors and gave it a new centre strip
20230427_185916 S.jpg

also made moulds for more parts, the base, signboxes and cornerposts.
20230502_174105  S.jpg
20230503_212059 S.jpg

all the parts together so far is looking good! For painting, I airbrushed the parts with blue acrylic then gave the parts a brown wash followed by a weathering down the some wire wool to beat it up a bit.
i intentionally cast the parts in quite a light blue so it would show through when weathered up

the door sign is a temporary 3d print for the mo which will end up being a cast one too
20230504_211922 S.jpg
20230506_183104 S.jpg



more progress!
Well when i say progress, i obviously mean i took many steps back, repainted the whole lot then got back to the same stage as before.

i acquired some spray paint in the accurate pantone colour so i stripped back the paint off all the previously made parts and resprayed the lot. then hit it with the brown wash and weathering like before, and i must say it looks a hell of a lot better!
heres a few pics during repainting before any weathering whilst test fitting the parts together again.
20230517_201734 s.jpg
20230517_201737 s.jpg

ive also since tweaked the roof design a tad, reprinted then made a 2 part silicone mould of it, which was interesting to get to work (5 failed pours before i changed the way i pour it and got a good one)
20230529_174148 s.jpg
this was then painted up like the rest of the parts.

also gave the 3d printed door sign a lick of paint to make it look nice!
so this is how its looking currently, missing the rest of the windows, handles, top sign graphics and electronics (i plan on making it light up)

20230531_222408 s.jpg


Are the original plans available somewhere?


I was wondering the same thing!


And the silence is deafening lol.