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Virtual Yeti [MK2] The Web of Fear

Started by TG, Aug 18, 2021, 09:14 am

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"After a moment of silence the door starts to open slowly. Standing in the doorway is the massive figure of a Yeti. It holds a cobweb gun in its hand. Menacingly it moves forward"
The Web of Fear (1968) camera script, Ep.3, pg.31


Angelus Lupus

My first thought was: "That looks amazingly realistic!"* and then I saw who had posted and remembered you've actually done CGI for Loose Cannon ;D Really good Yeti, the fur is what makes it look most convincing!

*Actually, my very first thought was "Why is someone posting a screenshot in a virtual build thread?"
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Rassilons Rod

Lovely work, as always, TG!

One detail I've never noticed before is the ribbing on the body. I thought they were all fur! 😁😁
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Thank you Marc!
And thank you Angelus Lupus!

I should have said - modelled and rendered in Lightwave.

It is a still from the updated Loose Cannon recon (released on Disk 2 of the new Web of Fear DVD/Blu-Ray)

Jam Jar Lurker

It was when I stated my watch through two years ago that I saw my first Loose Cannon reconstruction. And they are brilliant!
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