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Reference Pictures: Mk Ia Console 1971)

Started by Scarfwearer, Aug 22, 2009, 12:49 pm

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Quote from: PurpleBlancmange board=faq thread=12 post=29 time=1234259433The Claws of Axos:  A "new" console debuted.  It was a partial rebuild / partial new build with most of the original parts that were still servicable, carried over from the "original" onto this prop, such items were: the various controls, rotor and elements of the substructure. The substructure itself had been beefed out a little, making the top panels slightly bigger than before, adding a handful of inches to the over-all size of the prop.

Although the Rotor was carried over, all of the original internal perspex elements were removed and the rest of the base was added to and upgraded.  The coloumn now had three central tubes, tinted with green gels.  

The prop was continually added to or adjusted over the years.

Please feel free to add photo references for this prop here, making sure that your photo is of the prop used during the correct era above.

For a full summary of the console history, see Purple's FAQ entry.



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Some great pics of the console in these behind the scenes pictures from Planet Of The Daleks...


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Thanks for the fantastic pictures, Sidrat! It's always interesting to see the console in a behind-the-scenes situation!



I never realised that daleks had such muddy feet!


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Those Daleks were "Flintstone" powered. The operators inside used their feet to move about. So it's possible that, in the old days, Daleks did indeed have muddy feet!

I wonder if the new Daleks (2005 on) have motorized movement, like little golf carts or wheelchairs, because they look like they move more smoothly than the classic Daleks did.

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No they`re still flintstone powered Dino ,most reliable form of motive power and very cheap,they just got new dancers to do it and this time they've got their own choreographer
so let me get this straight,A thing that looks like a Police box standing in a junkyard,It can move anywhere in Time and space ?


You can tell if the new series daleks have an operator inside. If a person is in side the dome will wobble slightly when the dome moves around. Some are motorized though some are not


There are precious few ref pictures of the Pertwee console here... :(

I was looking at the central column, and wondering if the grey rectangles attached between the tubes are the ones from the centre of the Hartnell/Troughton console - the paddles - reused.

They're the same size, shape and colour - and there are around fifteen of them - compared with sixteen in the original. Coincidence? Probably... There are a whole bunch of similarly-sized yellowish ones there, too. All pretty unlikely, really. Just a thought.  :)


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Some metal toggle switches take a surprising amount of pressure to snap from one position to the other; Mr Pertwee discovered this on camera in Colony in Space. He covers pretty well, though: two of the rascals trip him up so he makes a four-beat rhythm of the exercise, going back over the pair with force.

While grabbing refs I decided to make notes of control usage as shown in the programme. Any consistency seen at all is usually the effort of a single actor but I was surprised to see Mr Delgado use the same control for two different things in the same minute!

- Pete

Console 3H (Colony) 01 ref.jpg

Console 3H (Colony) 02 ref.jpg

Console 3H (Colony) 03 ref.jpg

Small metal chain hung from one of the handles on the base:
Console 3H (Colony) 04 ref.jpg

Console 3H (Colony) 06 ref.jpg

Vertical slat affixed to the right door:
Console 3H (Colony) 07 ref.jpg

Looks like The Master downloaded the same Claws of Axos refurb from Gallifrey:
Console 3H (Colony) 08 ref.jpg

Console 3H (Colony) 10 ref.jpg

Console 3H (Colony) 11 ref.jpg

Console 3H (Colony) 12 ref.jpg

Nice angle on The Master's laser gun, and the silver knob at right is very "70's TV set":
Console 3H (Colony) 13 ref.jpg

Console 3H (Colony) 14 ref.jpg

Console 3H (Colony) 15 ref.jpg

Jo's rescue takes seconds but it spans a cliffhanger. Note the console orientation difference above and below:
Console 3H (Colony) 16 ref.jpg


Some nice shots of Panel 3 there before they put the box with the red pull knob on it for Time Monster where the black dial is.  Then that knob was moved to panel 6 in The Three Doctors and gaffers tape was used to cover up the hole. ;)
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The Curse of Peladon and Death to the Daleks have a neat cheat: in both stories, The pair in the TARDIS look just off camera, to where the TARDIS scanner is ostensibly located. The next shot in both sequences is a cutaway to some corner of the studio where a CRT or CSO panel have been set up. Here are those cutaways, chronologically:

TARDIS walls scanner ref.jpg


Season Eight - http://s1130.photobucket.com/albums/m531/ConsoleImage/Season%208/
Season Nine - http://s1130.photobucket.com/albums/m531/ConsoleImage/Season%209/
Season Ten - http://s1130.photobucket.com/albums/m531/ConsoleImage/Season%2010/

Just Waiting for Death to the Daleks to be released on DVD to make Season Eleven folder
why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.


Didn't think this was worth pushing into its own thread, but in the Claws of Axos, the Doctor has one of the black surround white vents (seen at the top of each panel) "open", which he tends flaps back down after fiddling with something on the console. [Not seen Claws in over a decade so don't recall the details]


Unfortunately camera tracks in so can't see what he's done/doing to the console part underneath the flap. Thought this was worthy of remark here.



On the Special Edition DVD it is very clear what he is doing as he is removing a 3 pronged thing that slots onto a spoke to keep it in place.


Some pics found on Twitter of the Console in the UNIT lab from 'The Day Of The Daleks'...