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TARDIS prop A&B reference channel

Started by alextheyellowthing, Jul 14, 2021, 01:44 pm

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Jul 14, 2021, 01:44 pm Last Edit: Jul 15, 2021, 01:28 am by alextheyellowthing

So basicaly, the goal of this channel is to post all the pictures we can so we could theoreticaly make a chronology of the A andB props maintenance and abuse during shooting. i'll probably repost a lot, but this time, i'll try and labeled:
-"prop A or B" if possible
-shooting day (dates and episode if possible)
-who shot the picture, again if possible
-where it was souced
-context and little story if we can have some.

this channel is prone to edits.

Tardis A and B were the first tardis made for the new series.
they are the one that started the trend of the sqared angled posts with the rectanguar L shape detail with a recessed aera for the sign boxes. the windows and pannel detailes are moslty sqare with the doors being an exeption, because those have a more vertical rectangular shape. they have verry proƩminent wood grain, again a first and a big help to deferentiate wich one is wich, achieved by blow torching the wood and scraping it with a soft wire brush. they have been painted a shade of cyan with a dark oily wash over and a more descret grayish wash. both have recieved paint touch up over the years.


prop B at (i believe) the bleu peter set.
this is a genuine prop. you can tell by the thicness of the extrior vertical wood stip of the doors. wich makes the windows less squared then the side pannels one. the glass fiber promo props are all modeled from a sigle mold of the a sides. so doors and side windows are the same size


Tardis A and B under construction in the workshop.
As you can see, the RTD tardises wood go blow torched and scraped with a wire brush to make the wood grain more apparent.


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Tardis A/b lamp.
the first phot, i have a doubth it is from a real tardis, but it's at least a good enoght replica that i was fooled if it is (my assomption about it not being genuin is the shape of the bulb). the second one is a screen grab of an episode from the 1rst series

the lamps was made out of a, at the time, branded Guardman's chinese made metal lantern. also known in this forum as the "nipple lamp", before being used as the tardis lamp, it features a chemine part on the dome piece, that has been cut off betwint the last "step" and the 2nd one. some metal rods were attached to the sides with hot glue.
the "cadle part" is rounded on this particular model of lamp, made out of 3 pannel composed of 6 cut windows, 3 by 2 verticaly placed, and a openable door with this time 9 windows 3 by 3.


btw, can those 3 channesl be pined or something by an admin?