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Any "box cameos" in "101 Dalmatian Street"?

Started by redfern, Apr 01, 2021, 12:47 pm

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Oddball question from this bloody Yank, but has a police box ever appeared in the recent Disney animated series "101 Dalmatian Street"?  For US based audiences, the cartoon is "new" having debuted on Disney XD just 3 days ago.  But a bit of casual research revealed that the series initially aired upon the UK based division of the "Disney Channel" in March 2019, two years ago.  Tailored bit more for a British audience, there are references that Brits would more readily "get".  Example, I never heard of Camden Town until I listened to the opening lyrics.  I Googled and discovered it's a real place.  (At first I thought they said "Camptown" as in "Camptown Races".  D'oh!)  The opening animation also presents a "dog's eye" level view of the famous "Abbey Road" Beatles album cover (basically, the "Fab Four" seen from the knees down).  Limey or Yank, kids below a certain age possibly won't get that "nod", so there are things slipped in for older viewers.

So, the big question is, did the makers sneak in a salute to "Doctor Who"?  Has anybody watched to show to verify "yay" or "nay"?




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101 Dalmatian Street: how to turn something cherished into something 100% cringe.

The landmarks in the intro show 21st-century London, rather than the original film's setting of 1961...

so unless they end up going to Earl's Court, I wouldn't expect the show to feature a Police Box cameo.  :-\

Edit: Looks like this may provide some insight into whether the show will ever have a Police Box:

Quote from: undefinedThere were a number of Space Based Parade Float Ideas, for "Dal-Martians". Some of which include a Dalek walking Godfrey and a Car dressed up like the Tardis, and another Car made to resemble the U S S Enterprise. This ideas were likely not used cause of licensing reasons.



Talk about synchronicity, today DXD aired this very episode.  And, as noted in your quote and the page you linked, no recognizable entertainment properties were presented.  In fact the only "float" shown was the bulky grey saucer (though in the episode it was more a "rusty" tan).

I'll admit I quickly gained a soft spot for the cartoon because it features Michaela Dietz as "Dolly" the lead and eldest "pup".  Dietz is arguably best known for playing Amethyst on "Steven Universe".  I've always liked her earthy, husky voice.