TARDISmans ED thomas Coral interior 3D model

Started by The_TARD1Sman, Apr 09, 2021, 02:33 pm

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in other news of interiors ive also made many other of the modern interiors , including a personal faveorite of mine the coral TARDIS interior , fun fact this coral model you see here is the same interior you see on the cover of the big finish 9th doctor audio adventures recently annoucned  ;) all the TARDISes you see on the covers are my work  :)  enjoy folks  coral 2.jpgcoral .jpgcoral 3.jpgcoral 4.jpg

Angelus Lupus

Wow! The lighting really makes those 'Coral' images look real! You totally nailed the recreation of the set, and it's only the lack of lighting/filming equipment or other such 'behind-the-scenery' stuff in the wide shots that gives it away. Seeing it on the cover art, there's no way I'd know it wasn't taken from a publicity photo or screengrab.  ;D
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some coral love felt id try some series 2 esc lighting coral.jpg