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My Tardis Build

Started by Fireball, Apr 06, 2021, 12:33 pm

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Have completed my Tardis build indoors, now just waiting for the Arctic weather to pass and I'll reconstruct it outside, fit the roof and complete the wirkng and console. Mainly built from planed timber 1" x 2", 1 x 3 and 1 x 4  for the plinth with 6 mm plywood for the panels, roof and doors. I've made both doors opening but on lift off hinges to simplify moving it around, the window frames are 1 x 1 with clear acrylic glass and some panels have been left opaque and some painted black.
The inside has been lined with mirror tiles to give a bigger apparent space and so far disco lights and lasers have lit up the floor, interior and top light. I used Dulux Walls & Ceilings Matt Sapphire Salute but over coated it with sealer against the rain.


Can't wait to see some pictures of the final build!




Disco TARDIS!! Like it!

In order to justify mine to SWMBO with a semblance of it being a useful bit of garden furniture rather than just another of my follies, mine will serve as an outdoor drinks cabinet for when we're allowed to meet up & have parties again... a BARDIS if you like... :)


Now fully up and running but can't get my files to load, too big !


I'm not sure how this topic wound up locked.  Unlocking it.  If you locked it and there was a reason for locking it, let me know and I'll get out of the way. :)
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