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New, New TardisBuilders!

Console Number 6 - Steampunk

Started by rmef2, Apr 10, 2020, 03:10 pm

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I want those table legs - gimme those table legs!
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Im seriously liking how this looks! very impressive!
No, not the mind probe!


20200429_164746.jpg20200429_164810.jpgConstruction is almost done.... now the wiring.


Oh wow! That's really quite amazing!

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If I may make one tiny criticism  - this should be in my house.

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No, not the mind probe!


Indeed.  It makes a strong case for the 1996 movie narrow floor-to-ceiling time column.  Lately I've been leaning towards the huge diameter time column of the classic series--in spite of the technical/financial challenges of finding such a huge hunk of plexiglass.  But this is very neat.  It is like a laser or a lightsaber or some kind of powerful pencil thin focused beam.  Almost more imposing than a big watchworks assembly of gears like the Hartnell one. 
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Angelus Lupus

Definitely liking this! It has an obvious 8th Doctor feel due to the table legs, but it's very much its own style! The separated panels make me think of that pseudo-Tardis in The Lodger and the large, circular devices on a couple of the sections remind me of the (many) circles on The Rani's console. The controls themselves are like a much neater/tidier 2005 salvage & scrap build, but with the many toggle switches of the Classic era. Oh, and I love your central column, especially the frame around the base. Is that remote control for changing the lights?
Can't wait to see what you add to this next!
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This is spectacular!! I love this. It's elegant and great proportions :)

Angelus Lupus

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Love the chasing/rotating lights on the top of the column!
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