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Console & Daleks on Australian Late Show Parody.

Started by russellsuthern, Feb 19, 2021, 04:25 pm

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Apologies if this has been posted before.
I had a search but couldn't find it.

On the Late Show Australia in 1993, they did a Dr Who parody which featured a console & 3 interesting looking Daleks:

It did make me smile, mostly because I thought of the effort they went to, scratch building three Daleks for one comedy sketch!

That's more effort than they went to for "Day of the Daleks!!"  :o

Anyway, hopefully some of you will find this of interest.



Angelus Lupus

As you say, a surprisingly detailed, and accurate effort for such a short parody!
I actually quite like those Daleks - they've got a more cylindrical shape, but they wouldn't look out of place if you substituted them for what was supposed to be the prototype Daleks in Genesis
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Davros Skaro

Here's the video so you don't have to chase it.


Those ARE well crafted props!  I kept looking for misaligned slats and hemispheres, but nothing screamed "slap-dash" to me.  Too bad the console wasn't quite as polished.  Oh, it's far, far better than anything I could accomplish to be sure, but compared to the Daleks...meh.

I'm not familiar with the actor playing Tom's Doctor, but when shot and bragging about his ability to regenerate, he did capture that patented bug eyed grin.



Angelus Lupus

Watching again - because it was funny - and I think the only thing you'd need to do to those Daleks is put a proper gun stick on them. I notice now that they lent into the comedy and actually did use a whisk! ;D  (Oh, and swap the gun and plunger over - but that's an easy mistake to make!)

Just compare this to spoofs done on the BBC back in the day-  when it seemed like all and sundry (from Crackerjack, to the Two Ronnies, to Spike Milligan) could just borrow the actual Daleks and/or Tardis whenever they liked - and I applaud their effort (and result).
A mixed-up non-conformist, trying to fit in.