Rani's TARDIS - Mark of the Rani (Exterior)

Started by d33j r093r5, Jan 22, 2021, 04:26 pm

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d33j r093r5

This probably won't be a particularly long thread; pretty much most of the work is done already. Well... when I say "most of" I mean the virtual bit. I make 3D models with an intent to 3D print them. The virtual bit just kinda happens, as the modelling software I use also happens to have reasonable rendering tools, and rather than just show off the model as a wireframe, or basic image, it looks waaaaay cooler to to do a render. They're not always exactly photo-realistic, but I get more than passable results.

Also, I only started on this model as I was working on the interior of the same TARDIS (Rani's TARDIS (Mark of the Rani)). I was between stages with not a lot of time on my hands, but found myself with a couple of spare hours one evening, and thought "hey... why not?"

Plus, I had a copy of the BBC plans.  ;D ;D ;D Thank you TARDIS Builders Forum, and all its wonderful members who contribute nice things like that for the rest of us to work off.   ;D ;D ;D


I was working off this, essentially in its entirety. Some geometry took a little bit to wrap my head around, some of the writing was a bit difficult to read, some things were cut off entirely. Some items described either I'd never heard of, or simply don't exist anymore, and a couple of things I had to guesstimate. But really, these plans made life very simple in the end.

I modelled the exterior in its entirety first...

Rani TARDIS Exterior Assembly Scaled_001_210115_0141_077.jpg

... and then proceeded to "hollow" it out and make separate parts out of things that either move or light up...

Rani TARDIS Exterior Assembly Scaled_001_210115_0231_080.jpg

Rani TARDIS Exterior Assembly Scaled_001_210115_0737_083.jpg

... really, once I had those, it was relatively simple to split the whole thing up, which needs to be done to be able to print it properly on FDM 3D printers like mine. But it should assemble very easily. There's not really a lot of complexity to this; not like the interiors. Had a fair bit of experience with those!

Rani TARDIS Exterior Assembly Scaled_001_210115_1534_086.jpg

... that's really it for this thread. It WILL be continued when I get round to actually printing it, but you'll need to search for it over in the model builds section of the site. I'll post a link here when I get started on it.

Til then, toodle pip.