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Tardis build with lights

Started by jeffnls, Jan 13, 2021, 11:08 am

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This was my son and I's lockdown project. Lots of fun.
IMG_1869 re.jpgIMG_1869 re.jpgIMG_1885 re.jpgIMG_1894 re.jpgIMG_1907 re.jpg


Great TARDIS & cosplay, too!!!



Nice build, nice cosplay. Seeing all the parts laid out for paint triggered a fond memory for me of when I realized "this is a lot bigger than I thought it was."  I mean I drew up scale plans with all the measurements on them.  And the initial bill for materials was daunting. The fact that it pretty completely filled a 1982 Datsun pickup was too.  But the lightbulb never went on.  Even standing up a couple raw walls as a proof of concept (and of course taping paper "POLICE BOX" and phone door signs on it) didn't make me realize how big it was.  It was only when I had everything laid out on the garage floor to paint and found myself thinking "I've barely got enough floor," did I start to realize how big the bugger was. 
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