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New, New TardisBuilders!


Started by Flashinuri, Nov 29, 2020, 01:25 am

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I started this project as a makeover of a spare bedroom into a man cave for my husband. The room, 12x10 has 8 foot ceiling and is on the second floor so portability is a must. The layout of the room includes an entire wall taken up by patio door and another taken up with closet and entry door. Still, I wanted a full sized TARDIS bar cabinet.
Began with painting the room, wall papering closet doors, upcycling some end tables into console looking table and tv table, changing out the ceiling fan, making a rug to resemble the Dr's scarf covering the couch.
The actual build started 8/1/2020. Finished 12/31/2020 after a flu scare before Christmas ☃️🎄

My build consists of:
Base, 2 side back panels, 1 large back panel, two boxes, roof, 4 roof sign boxes and lamp. Over all dimensions 76" tall x 48" x 48" without the 8" lamp. A table resembling the console sits inside the back half of the TARDIS. It contains wine rack and shelf. As the table is not attached, it can be pulled forward to provide a place to set drinks on or preparing them.
The two boxes will be hinged on each of the side panels with piano hinges. The idea is that each box will swing open. The boxes have the shelving needed for glasses, liquor and accessories.

Started by building the 8 frames and 4 posts that are attached to back & side panels & two front boxes. The frames to create the panes for the windows were individually done to be set inside the first square of each of the frames. Cutting the plywood for what would be the interior and determining where the openings for the windows would be was almost my mental undoing ;) And then came my brilliant idea to route each opening for the windows on the exterior side of each section. Have I mentioned all these power tools were new to me? My plunge routing is proof I needed more practice before attempting on final pieces. Nothing that couldn't be fixed, covered, or sanded, right?
Next came the base and roof. Another mental challenge. The base needed grooves that allowed the three panels to be set into it. Originally, I made the floor in two pieces. The eight foot plywood was a bit much for me to handle on my little table saw so I had them cut in half. I then decided to nail the pieces together so they would stay level.
The roof needed to be 5 1/2" to accommodate the sign boxes that would hang from them. Additionally, it needed grooves on the back half that would allow it to be dropped in and stabilize the stationary panels. The ceiling on the interior needed to be 3" from the bottom to allow the grooves for the panels. It got done. I don't think I've ever been happier seeing something fit so perfectly since I last squeezed into my favorite jeans again 😂
The box signs were made next. Signage ordered on Etsy from ApplicablePunDecals. With Covid, couldn't get/find a local signage shop. I mounted the signs on clear plexiglass cut to size and spray painted the back of each white. The interior of the sign boxes were painted white to reflect lights. I added cleats under the top overhang of each so they can be attached to the roof. Literally used every scrap piece of wood on the various cleats.
I decided to use the wallpaper I used on the room's closet and entry door on the back panel and back sides. Hated wasting it and it didn't quite look right papered beneath the windows and painted above. So four of the windows are covered over on the interior.

The painting has started in earnest. Interior of boxes painted bright white with 45 drops of black acrylic. The base floor was painted with the hexagon shape to resemble the console. The table will cover the back half, but because the table top is frosted plexiglass, it will still allow light to show this visual detail.

Exterior all painted with Behr paint from Home Depot. So another thing learned, the official TARDIS color Pantone 2955C can't be order by it's color at the big box stores. So annoying. Why give it a color # if everyone is just going to mix their own. But I digress.
Had mishap knocking the precious blue paint over. Apparently, my butt is bigger than I thought and I underestimated the space between the stool I had it on and my rear. Managed to salvage most of it. Thank goodness it didn't splatter over my freshly painted base.

Because the windows will be visible from the interior on the two boxes, I trimmed them with molding. And because I can't miter to save my life, used rosettes on the corners. 🤣

Speaking of windows, they're 1/4" plexiglass (thanks to my neighbor for the freebie).I wanted the hammered glass look for the two panes on each window and found clear hammered spray paint. Frosted the other panes.

The lantern is rather simple. Overall, going for the classic TARDIS look so this seemed closest. Consists of box with lamp base set inside holding a special light bulb with built in speaker that is controlled by phone. The lens is plastic fresnel looking. In order to be able to access the lightbulb, left the top of the box detached and the fresnel lantern just sits over part of the light bulb. It's pretty cool. The color can be changed, but I have it set to emit blue light and have a YouTube play list of TARDIS sounds to play. The lights fade in and out in time to the music. Pretty psyched.

The lights for the sign boxes were a happy accident. Husband brought home battery operated snowflake lights with green cord and white lights. Strung them up within the mounted boxes. Discovered they can be set to fade, flash or be steady.

IMG_20201206_143150585.jpgIMG_20201206_143114774 (2).jpg


NOW you're talking!

Can't wait to see some pics of this one!!




Didn't you have some pics up earlier?  Or was that before The Crash?  I seem to remember the scarf. 
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.


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I posted the scarf/ rug pic on FB, but can't remember if I posted on here. Memory is in another dimension.🤣rsz_img_20200712_153412186.jpg


Finished build.

Now just to stock those shelves.IMG_20201231_200004024.jpg
IMG_20201230_182113597 (1).jpg


I'll drink to that!!



Very nicely done.  And your hubby has the look to be an incarnation of The Doctor.  He probably needs some flashier clothes, but the hair and the bearing are spot on. 
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.


Thank you. I wanted him in a trench coat and the scarf, but he thought it was a bridge too far. 🤣