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New, New TardisBuilders!

2018 Whittaker's wooden tardis

Started by alextheyellowthing, Oct 28, 2020, 01:16 am

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New out door pictures. Day light setting. You can't see the light much, but the color can show more. I hope you'll Enjoy



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I d'like to make a poll. For the next box, i've reduced my choice to the Hudolin box, the late Yardley-jones box or the nex series 5 box.

Can you help me choses ?

Hudolin box
Pros- nice color under nice lighting, fun texture, welcome un usual Window patern, nice général shape, and nice thic base, tho it does manage to balance it's shape with the top signs.

Cons-the police signs are to thic, wich makes the profile top eavy and a bit embalanced, the lamp is going to be a pain to make, same for the color, I'd rather not have maching color signs on the tardis, so it contrast a bit and pops out more. It's A bit fin for my likings too.

Late Yardley-jones box:
Pros- awsome générale shape and silhouette, solid/nice size looking box compared to most of the classic era box in my humble opinion, panel shapes and size looks good too. And the best stacked roof of the classic series

Cons- the color looks to bright, i'm usualy not a fan of classic boxes lamps that are a fresnel lense with a square on top and a dome, signs does't contrast enought with the rest of the box, the base is to fin. And since it's a classic box, it looks quite small and a bit movie prop flimsy.

New séries 5 box (D)
Pros- awsome color and wood finish(even tho it should be concret looking, its marvelous) manage to looks very clean without it looking odd,the shape and silouette is amazing, it's a stronger looking original Richmond box with a thicker base that looks amazing and bigger corner post that doesn't look out of place, black window on white window frames grew on me a lot, i love the lamp (even tho it's going to be a pain to make)

Cons- light panel and lamps are going to  be hard to make, frosted black window that looks good lighted up will need some trial and error to get right, the lamp is going to be hard to make, making a acurate plan of it is a pain because the prop as been twicked to much later and i only have acurate dimansions for the later years (and i dont' like it as much, the lamps looks very bad, top signs and roof are disproportionated, to mat and to bright of a blue paint on top of the nice wood grain that completly hides it, etc)

If it can help you choose.


I'd go Hudolin myself as I love that box, so that's my vote.



scotland yard

I think it was only the Brachacki and Hudolin that had a square top...

Anyway, I'm not going to vote, because I'm torn and I don't know which one to vote, and because out of everyone in this forum, you are the fittest person to choose what model you build :)

Oh my giddy aunt!!


Quote from: scotland yard on Nov 26, 2020, 05:21 pmI think it was only the Brachacki and Hudolin that had a square top...

Anyway, I'm not going to vote, because I'm torn and I don't know which one to vote, and because out of everyone in this forum, you are the fittest person to choose what model you build :)


All i need, is a little push in a direction. I allready have stickers and graphics ready for the series 5 box, but the paint finish scares me, and if any of you would enjoye one specific box out of the other, i'm open to suggestion and would love to share the prosess of making something that is enjoyed by some one else other then me. (exept if it's the newbery, my goal is enventaly to make all of the major ones, but i'm realy not a fan of it, it asn't grown on me yet for a couple of reasons)

Also i might do one ore two custom designs one day.


Kind Regards,



Watch that cough, Dave, or you'll have to isolate yourself for a couple of weeks...  ;)


Angelus Lupus

I keep going back to the Hudolin. I'm one of the people that genuinely enjoyed the TV Movie, and I loved how solid and chunky the Box was. It's always been in the top 3 for me - even if I'd quite like to 'correct' the windows!  ;D
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Hudolin it is, i started working on it a couple days ago and didn't linked it here, so for any one who missed it, here it is:

Btw, feel free to comment and critisize (constructively), i'm a complet noob about this box and i still want it to be acurate as possible, so do be shy^^


Judging by your previous builds, I think you'll do a great job.

Looking forward to seeing it!



Final update for this tardis i think. I've got my self some blue led. To bhe honnest, i don't like it much like this, it looks the part in pictures but irl it's a bit wierd, it looks like a toy. Any way, i kept the warm white led inside and if i want, i can switch. I don't see anything to do to it any more, maybe a coat of clear mat for protection and the inside back drope. Other then that, concidet it done, until i change my mide or sold it. My roommate can't bear the sight of thoses boxes anymore X)




The sun is up, i'm out for a drive. May be i'll snap some stuff on my way