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2005 tardis wooden model

Started by alextheyellowthing, Oct 28, 2020, 01:04 am

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Little lockdown breach to go in the neighbor hood



Also, my phone software update had négative effect on the photo app, sorry for all the noise, wierd exposure and focus. It's all over the place and i'm verry un happy with that


Out door shoot in the snow^^


I did à couple of minore tweaks on my 2005 tardis, i've seen around that early in filming series one, the production creew backed the windows with aluminium foil. I've tryed and i have to say, it's working pretty nicely at making the model look screen acurate i think. IMG_20210219_074438_346.jpgIMG_20210219_074440_497.jpgIMG_20210219_074443_698.jpgIMG_20210219_074445_220.jpg

What do you think, did you like it better the other way ?


Looks great with the upgrade.

Those shots really evoke scenes from the early "Nu-Who" episodes.

Your attention to detail is impressive!



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It's not just the quality of the models (which are amazing) but getting the right camera angle and focal length, plus taking the time to set up with a background that helps sell the illusion.
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Thx for the compliments guys, i was à bit desapointed by the light maybe being à bit too blocked then i would have liked. But all i had to do is charge the batteries... Looks better, i'll have to show you at some point. I'm still à bit bothered by the light blocage, if it's that bad in photos, i'll find some tinted miror chrome film and replace the aluminium foil. See how it looks, hope fully it shall fix itIMG_20210222_235305_029.jpg



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i've just stumbled back on old photo edit and possing i did with my CO boxes. Not much where done to those, they where second handed, so outside of repaires and light hue changed. that's how much i think those toys looks natural with just a bit of visual trickerie. photo_2019-11-13_01-33-19.jpgphoto_2019-11-13_01-35-13.jpgphoto_2019-11-13_05-03-10.jpgphoto_2019-11-26_21-01-05.jpgphoto_2019-12-19_20-01-28.jpgphoto_2019-11-13_05-49-49.jpg