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The Jade Console - custom console build

Started by Jade, Oct 11, 2020, 05:13 pm

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Just an idea I had for something, just got to see how it will work out when I get further along with the top part.

I've got plenty of room length ways, I've just got it pushed down at the moment because of needing to use my greenscreen, but not needing use of the desk. Width is more of a problem unless I'm able to move the bookcases nearer the time.

Andrew Harvey

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Those details remind me of the little one I built ages ago, which now needs a complete repair/renovation/overhaul! I added all sorts of shapes from bits of circuits and even have a few panels with roundel holes in them (Clock bits inside too!) Luckily, its 1/17th scale, and fits inside its own console room, which lives on a shelf!
  I've thought about changing it about for a while and then just decided to make an entirely new one. But the way you have your base section empty like that, with those details... you could very well be building a full-sized version of my little one! ( Good thing is, no plans! Its all very 'try it out and see!')
  I think I put some pictures of the one I made on here ages ago. They might still be around somewhere....I think you might see what I mean.



Andrew Harvey

Here you go Jade, those pictures are still here. The very first one has the console, if you have a closer look you will no doubt see what I mean. If I recall, there might be another one further down the post. Of course, these ones have all had bits added, lighting, characters ect...There are more on the way. But this year I have been too bust building things to do much paint shop stuff. (Dalek saucer on my desk at present!)

  I was homeless for a while last winter and the models were all in storage so they got a bit knocked about poor things. The console is in sore need of repair. (Its only holding together by a thin bit of glue or a hair or something! One good sneeze and it would fall apart!)

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I remember seeing these when I first joined this forum. Amazing work. Yeah, it does give me some ideas for the bottom of my console.

Andrew Harvey

I am glad about that! Its always good to get some inspiration from somewhere. We must have joined this forum around about the same time then, as this post was one of my first ones!
  Raining stair rods here today. No gardening for me! Although I rather like mud. Dalek saucer needs a lid....and a primer, and this and that...



So due to some other life issues work has slowed down on the console again. However, I'm still collecting part so I was happy when this faulty pir light came back into store.



Which will give me my telepathic circuits. The only problem is I decided to pop in some batteries and test the light myself. Switched it on and was nearly blinded, so I do actually have a free pir light so I may hold off taking the rest apart until I decided what to do.


Well I've got the boards for the top part of the base.



I had hoped to have got a little further than this but my week off turned into a half week and as you can see from the photos I've struggled to get the three sides equal so there will be a little bit of difference on one panel but it shouldn't be that noticeable.


Well got the first two cut. Was getting excited about getting to the best part, the panels. The one panel is pretty much spot on.



Unfortunately my fears about my calculations being out were well founded. There is no way the other two panels are anywhere near.


Not sure if I've gone wrong with the length of the boards or the angles or both. Not sure if this is even fixable.

Having spent £50 on this wood which now might be all unusable it's disappointing. It'll be a while before I have the time and the money to even replace the wood in order to try again. This may well be the point to call it quits and write this off.


Dont worry, I cut the panels on my console out wrong and had to 'adjust' mine and they are as rough as hell...but with a littlevtweaking you can make it work. I cut out fake panels   using cardboard to testfit after and that helped before making the final cuts. Looking good!! Keep going

Andrew Harvey

You must not ever give up! Trial and error ( WHO it was that said 'being wrong is one of the basic freedoms'..?) Measure twice, cut once! Make some drawings, and as Cider man says cardboard panels to test fit! It will come together in the end. Keep trying and good luck!

Rassilons Rod

Looks like you just need to draw another hexagon, around the middle to get the desired effect... If I am reading your "mistake" correctly?
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Sorry to hear your panels aren't matching up.
It's really frustrating, I know!
I have done it several times myself.
Might be a bit too late now, but the tricks I use to avoid ill fitting joins:

Measure twice, cut once.

Make cardboard templates first, for a test fitting.

Use scrap wood from skips or recycling centers, so if does go wrong you've not lost too much money.

Hope that helps, & do keep pushing forward with your build as I love a good console!




I too hate it when that happens. In fact, the last time I thought I was doing all the right things (measuring, cardboard templates) it STILL ended up being wrong. But I gave up and left it as is, and anyone is lucky to see the mistake but... there we go.

When you've got back to it, I look forward to seeing what comes of this!!


Maybe it's just the angle of the cut is wrong and I can recut and just lose some of the width of the middle panel. Also this is just a base and is underneath where the panels will be so I may be able to bodge it enough that it won't show.
I've really got to try and figure out where I went wrong though.