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The Jade Console - custom console build

Started by Jade, Oct 11, 2020, 05:13 pm

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scotland yard

Use it. A TARDIS console that can play music. I'd like that!
Oh my giddy aunt!!


It's wonderful.  The only downside to it is that the carrying handle would make a nice throttle lever thingy, but the flip up screen is right under it. 
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Ok not much to post but trying to keep myself motivated until I get to the exciting part. (the control panels) So the Easter break and nice weather has allowed me to get on with cutting the panels for the console legs.


After buying one piece of board to test out on one leg the offcut from the board I used as the base allowed me to do most of the other panels. I'm now only three panels short. The next part of the plan was to get some cutting drill pieces and make it look like perforated metal like this image.


I'm having second thoughts on this though and tempted to just leave it as blank panels. Interested in what others think.



So I tested doing some holes in a spare piece of ply. I'm now going against the idea of doing this design. With two panels on six legs thats a lot of drilling to do so I'm going to keep it as just panels now.

This means I ahould be able to get on with painting soon. I'm not sure weather to go for the metal look or try another colour. I'm tempted by a green but not sure how this would effect any photos taking in front of my green screen.

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Looks like you have a good selection of controls!


Well due to a busy life at the moment I've not had chance to work on the console. However I did manage to test paint some sprays to see what they would look like.


This is the gray primer I used although I really liked the colour. Gave me 70's console vibes so was tempted to do the console this colour.


This is the aluminium spray on top which was the colour I had thought of using. I may use a combination of the two. Say the inner panel bit gray with the outer frame silver?


Ok so what with a prolonged illness, a unexpected 'temporary' flat mate and a new job working on the console has been pretty hard and I've only been able to chip away at it. I have just two more struts to finish off then they can be painted and fixed to the base.
However ideas still keep bouncing around in my head and I keep picking up interesting bits and bobs that look useful. As such with the last two struts I'm wondering about adding some extra parts on.


I'm thinking of with the first one the pipe with connect into the rubber mounting at the bottom and attach under the console. The second one (the inners of a eye wash first aid kit) looks like they could be power fuel. And if I can use some pipes to connect to the old hose connector at the top then I have a handy shut off valve.

So what does anyone else think. Good idea or is it going to throw the look of the console out? Or even look a bit crap? Maybe not for the legs but maybe better on the actual console would be better? Feedback appricated.


Looking good!

I think whatever you choose to do will look good.
I've always been a fan of ribbed piping (!) so I would give it a go.

If you don't like it you could always remove it later.

Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.




Finally got a day free where I'd hoped to get a start on the painting, however the weather put pay to that. However to keep me motivated I did set up an experimental panel o see how it may look. This isn't how the layout will actually be but it did make me more eager to get working on the panels.


That said when I do get to the panel I have a discussion to make because I'm wondering how it would look if I painted the panels red? Or would this distract from the controls on the panel?


Looking like you are making good progress!

Red would be an unusual choice & it would certainly stand out!!

I'm quite old school myself, so white, grey or silver would always be my personal go-to choices.  :)

Look forward to see more.




So my struts are painted up so looking to fix them together soon. In the mean time I started to plan out how the consoles will look. Bare in mind that I've had to use a lot of bits for stand ins for what I have in mind.


I do have plans for the sixth panel but I'm keeping that to myself for now.


This is the Helm panel. The only part I plan on using is the Camlink which can be sunken into the panel. The two round pieces at the top will hopefully be some kind of round meters. Plus some switches and buttons. I also would prefer a better handle to act as the dematerlisation control.


Navigation panel. So there will be a monitor at the top of the panel. I my look at a smaller keyboard although I do like this one due to the extra buttons. The clear plastic bits remind me of the ones off the Hartnell console so they will be on there, the silver thing will probably be changed and maybe a few more bits added.


Communication panel, my favourite so far. A lot of this will stay. The mismatch round things will go for two matched items to act as the telepathic circuits. I've decided I'll probably go without a actual phone and the mobile will be replaced for a numeric keypad. The round tube lying down will be bolted in to act as a mic and the two ice trays are stand in for buttons I need to buy.


Exterior, Environmental, defence, whatever panel. The yellow volt meter will stay as a radiation meter. Don't know weather to keep it yellow or repaint it. The bottom panel will be switches, dials and buttons. To the left is going to be the diagnostic panel. Still need to work on ideas for that panel.


Finally my Dad's old amp which he doesn't want any more so looks like I could get some good parts from it although I'm always loathed to take a working item to bits.


Looking great!

Are those white rectangles ice cube trays?

If so, that's an inspired idea!

Keep up the good work.



Quote from: russellsuthern on Aug 29, 2022, 06:45 amAre those white rectangles ice cube trays?

If so, that's an inspired idea!


Wasn't it Terrance Dicks who said something along the lines of 'You can have a good idea, it doesn't necessarily have to be your good idea'?

Anyway can't take credit for using the ice cube trays for buttons. I believe the idea was used on the ship in Alien. 


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That's what build diaries are for, isn't it?!  ;)




The bridge on the Dark Star spaceship utilises ice cube trays lit from behind. If its good enough for John Carpenter...👍