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The Jade Console - custom console build

Started by Jade, Oct 11, 2020, 05:13 pm

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Even though I haven't started the actual build yet, (Hopefully in a couple of weeks) I'll start this build diary now. 1. To keep me motivated and 2. so I don't clog up the thread, tips for building a custom console.

I have however used some cardboard to cut out some mock console panels so I can get an idea of layout.


Also some photos of some of the bits I have available for the panels.



Looks like you've got off to a great start!



The Palm [Pilot] warms my heart.  A part of me misses the day when you had a cell phone for phone calls, a PDA for notes and addresses etc, a digital camera for photos, and a glove compartment full of maps for finding your way around. 
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Well progress has been frustratingly slow. I guess I just want to get going. I'd hope to go and pick up the wood I need for the base and top of the plinth as well as the side panels. However I'm not sure what size I neec the base to be and until then am unsure how big to make the side panels.

Looking at the Tony Farrell plans as a guide I think the height on the plinth is 31 inches which seems right to my height and the side panels are about 8 inches but mine might be a bit wider then that. It's annoying when you can picture it in you head but not quite sure how to get there.

On the plus side one work colleague has promised me a load of toggle switches he has that he doesn't want while another has an old PC that I can have for nothing so there are some positives. On another note while researching I can across this table which has served as the inspiration of how I plan to build the plinth (although of course taller)



Ok, not much of an update but have started work on the struts for the plinth. strut1.jpg


I haven't attached the bottom pieces yet as I'm not sure how I'm doing the base yet so I may need to attach them 2 inches from the bottom. My woodwork isn't exactly great as I can't cut in a straight line but hopefully for this part I can hide my mistakes. I've just got to do another 5 of these. I've also got to decide weather I'm going paint these a metal colour or something else.


Ok I cut up all my pieces for the struts which then involved a lot of sanding.


However at last I've got three of the frames built. (I only have enough bits for one more at the moment until a trip to B&Q)



Another plus is that there is a large piece of hardboard going free at work. I'm thinking this might form the base of the plinth. I'm just not sure if it will be strong enough.


Finally I needed to test out my new green screen so here's a photo of a hat stand.



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Looking good!

Lots of sanding in this game, isn't there?!


PS:  Do my eyes deceive me, or did I spot a Highlander Katana replica lurking in the corner?


That is indeed a Highlander replica.


Ok so while I'm slowly working on the build I got some more cardboard and once again using the correct measurements (as far as I knew) cut out the mock control panels.


It was around this time that I seriously began to think about giving up on the project. It looked that by my measurements I was going to end up with a heptagon.

However I wasn't taking into account that the panels will be raised and on trying this it does close the gap up.


Hopefully this means it should come together correctly when I get there.


Haven't had much chance to work on the console recently due to other projects but did have time to make this which I think turned out quite well.


It's just an old outdoor light with a display printed on photo paper and stuck behind the glass. My brother actually thought it was a real monitor when I showed him this photo.



Ok haven't worked on the console for a while let alone posted updates but did manage to get the bottom of the base cut the other week so excited to try and get back to it.


I finished off the sixth leg after taking the shot.


Cool, I'd like to try that to.... If I had room in my house. :(


Your vacuum cleaner looks pretty futuristic if I may say.  Knock the base off it, screw it to one of the panels, maybe stick some switches on it, and call it good. 
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.


It's actually an old cd/tape player that's been in my parents garage for the last 20+ years. I was planning to use it for parts but surprisingly it still works so I'm in two minds weather to use it or not.