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Tips for building a custom console

Started by Jade, Oct 03, 2020, 10:57 pm

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Ok I'll post this here rather then my build thread as it might help someone not make the same mistake I made (although maybe I'm the only one who would do this)

I had cut out some mock console panels to get an idea of size. However while trying to work out the layout today I realised that I'd only be able to fit 5 panels (although it did tempt me to go ahead with this as a nod to the infamous Dapol console) so clearly my angles were wrong somewhere.


What I did was take the measurement from the diagram of 46" and took 10" off making 26". I then took 10" off the top measurement of 17" making 7" and the cutting from corner to corner.

What I should have done is used percentages! 80% would have given me a bottom measurement of 36.8" and *0% of 17" would have given me 13.6" so I was off by 6" on the top. Oh well back to the drawing board when I get some more cardboard.

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