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Cyberman Costume Talk Box Voice

Started by elkad, Mar 24, 2021, 07:45 pm

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I was looking around YouTube & came upon this video.


I suddenly thought the voice they had sound like one of those vibrating vice boxes for people who can't talk. I tried looking around for it on YouTube & found "THE TALK BOX". Manly its a vibration made from a musical read or speaker pumped into a tube, witch go's in your mouth, & you just mouth the words to make a robotic voice.

Now, I have two methods to create a Talk Box. 1 make a Musical Read Talk Box from this How To video & use a battery operated aquarium pump.


Or I can make a Speaker Talk Box from this How To video. BUT, I need the specific note to drive the Talk Box, (sound chip, music box, music note generator, ex whatever).


Thoughts, Suggestions?


Every time i get some existing bit of info, I get such a headache afterwords because I'm so excited.



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a simple search provides a few options:

Hasbro Transformers Helmet Optimums Prime Voice Changer & Battle Phrases Action

Quote from: undefinedYour voice can be changed to add a vibration, like those used to disguise secret witnesses. Or, you may change your voice tone upward or downward; women sound like men and vice-versa. Includes a very ROBOTIC voice as well. A microphone and speaker are included on the PC board, all that you need to add is a nine volt, transistor battery. This is a very novel and entertaining circuit.

Soldering Iron, Solder, and basic tools are required to complete this kit - (Not included)
QTY: 1 Kit - Includes PC Board, Components and a very good Instruction Sheet / Guide.
Product condition: New
Prime 2.jpg

Remember Roy Skelton Did the voice without the mouth harp. :P
why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
Oh? - I'm researching the new edition.