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TARDIS Interior walls

Started by davidnagel, Sep 18, 2020, 03:52 pm

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Sep 18, 2020, 03:52 pm Last Edit: Sep 18, 2020, 05:15 pm by davidnagel
This is by no means a round(el)ed process, I wish I'd taken a few more precautions (and measurements) before I proceeded...

In an attempt to add walls to the exhibition/convention-hopping console I started building some interior walls.

Bassed on the interior walls of the 80s, these would be built so I could throw them up and down when required, so would need to be light weight and stand soundly.

What follows is a series of images of what I've produced so far. This process was based off Mark (timerotor)'s process as seen in his flickr video.

It began about 5 years ago...


5mm plywood, routered roundels, backed with CLS and the roundel depth was created from hardboard bent into shape.


The roundel depth process was the most painful thing.



So once they were in a reasonable state of completion (even if that took a long while), it was about time to test it with a few roundels I happen to have acquired...



Looks nice huh?

Unfortunately, the holes are just a few mm too small and the roundels don't fit flush :(

Rookie mistake.

So now I have 4 lengths of roundel walls and not sure what to do with them. Double up as Hartnell ones maybe? But those roundels were a little bigger and closer together... Who's nose what to do now! The hardwood wouldn't take a trim as its a bit like MDF and doesn't have much substance.

Hope you all like them though! I might try version 2 one day soon.
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scotland yard

Someone on this board posted about shrinking moulds. And TB has been kind to me and allowed me to easily track what I was looking for!

Not a lot of information but given that I know about shrinking moulds because of this, it seemed unfair not to link to it. You may want to try that for shrinking the roundel and casting new ones at the correct size?

I was going to say that "Well, you can't notice it really, you should use it anyway", but then I remembered I was in TB and these things do matter over here. As they should. I love this place!
Oh my giddy aunt!!


Ha! I did think this actually. I considered trying to shrink new copies of the things, or even patterning new ones but decided it was too much effort.

I *may* cut them up and bring the roundels together, create some Hartnell roundels, but like I said, I think its beyond effort and someone else may enjoy them more than I do right now.

I'll bring them all together, when they all have paint, and do some shots of them against the console... one day.
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