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Dalek Human Hybrid Tommy Gun

Started by elkad, Apr 25, 2017, 10:39 pm

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Apr 25, 2017, 10:39 pm Last Edit: Aug 12, 2020, 06:09 pm by Rassilons Rod
Anyone have any measurements to the Dalek Tommy Gun?

Found this image here; http://projects.swissninja.com/?p=46



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Nice find, elkad! Unfortunately the link that guy posted to "the plans he found on line" has no more photos on it, at least not of the plans. However there were some leftovers of a completed build that show some good detail:



(I had to shrink this one down. It was massive! Open it in a new tab or window and see, it's still massive!)

Those images are from a dead post and the former user's name is so greyed out it's not readable. I hope these are useful to some of our members.

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According to this site, these are original pic of the actuate prop.



Needed some reference shots to figure out the size of the gun.



Dose anyone have any info or pics on how an ammo drum is locked into place. All I can figure, is there is a vertical sliding bar in the back. I thought it went from side to side, but after seeing a video on YouTube. There is a swing bar that turns clockwise & stops horizontal with the drum.


My timing stinks... :-\
I ask if anyone has any info on the clip mechanism on a tommy gun ammo drum, & a little wile later, I come across a 3d video on the mechanics on a tommy gun. Before I asked I did alot of research & I think, now it pops up.  ::)
I thought the ammo drum slides in horizontally, now I know there is a vertical sliding drum too.


When I get this project done, hopefully it will look like this...gun case included. ;D  8)

Dalek Tommy Gun Case copy edit.jpg


Glad you found a video clip that is helping you.  I have some experience with firearms but if you were asking how the mechanism on a prop works, I have no idea if it is the same.  And while the principle is relatively simple, explaining it with just words is a bit trickier.  But just for completeness: 

Magazine-fed firearms will have a hole--the mag[azine] well that a magazine fits into like a hand and glove.  The back of the mag well has a spring-loaded ramped latch that corresponds to a lug on the back of the mag.  When the lug hits the latch, it pushes it down.  The lug slides past the latch, which then pops back into position, locking the magazine in place.  There will be a spring-loaded lever or button on the firearm that, when held down, holds the latch open so the magazine can be removed and a new mag can be inserted. 
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I found a site with measurement details of the Thompson machine gun used as an Alien's Pulse Rifle.