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Concrete floor

Started by Thefirsttee1960, Aug 30, 2020, 05:28 am

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I felt a concrete floor would be better, less chance of blowing over!

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On a related note, does anyone else have difficulty keeping their floor clean? Mine is wooden and was beautiful when newly painted, but there has been such rain over the summer I'm constantly leaving dirty footprints on it.

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My floor is FILTHY...

But it is just a shed...



This build is going to be a tank.  Reminds me of another build here...the pumphouse someone built?  I forget.  I think you could have crashed a plane into it and it wouldn't have been hurt.  When I was planning my build I too was worried about it being too light (although I was more worried about hooligans coming into my yard and stealing it).  But once I started building it I realized just how heavy it was going to be. 

And floor?  The whole inside of my TARDIS is just appalling.  The floor might be the least nasty part of it.  Huge chunks of wood have rotted away and been replaced/reinforced with cement board.  There are great Auton gloops of spray foam congealing out of every nook and cranny and from time to time I have to scrape mushrooms off the wood.  The bits that haven't rotted have carpenter ants working on them.  Mine is not a pretty interior like TG's.  But it serves its purpose as a cool-looking storage shed.   
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I like the "tank" remark!
I might paint it battleship grey.😁


Four posts primed and ready for midnight blue paint!