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Cubbyhole and hatch help

Started by defgecd, Aug 10, 2020, 11:47 am

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Suggestions on how to put the phone cubbyhole in the door, for either a complete ext. prop or a new series like door into an int. set? Would it be better to fit it on the back of the TARDIS door? Nudge it into it so it starts out close to the front? Should any supports be included in the cubbyhole?
Also, optimal thickness for the cubbyhole's hatch so it's fittingly durable but can be fit well enough on top, being pretty much level with the rest of the door?
Anything else that might help with that, please?


As with everything, there's plenty of choices and people do different things. It's sometimes convenient to have the cubby box removable so the doors can fully open. You can arrange hooks or clips so the cubby hangs on the back of the door. For one build I arranged a U-shaped slot around the edge of the hole in the door, and a flange around the cubby box so that it drops vertically into a slot.
I did this as a later retrofit: to begin with I just had a blanking plate behind the door.
But everyone does it differently.

1/4" (6mm) plywood seems enough to make reasonably solid door. How thick a frame you put around it will depend on how much you want the panel recessed.


Which reminds me to ask: how many Tardis shell builds have you done now? Feels like about a dozen!


My version is non-canon but hinges on the far side and a cabin hook allow me to use it as a window too.


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The inside of your TARDIS is beautiful. The outside too, of course; but the inside is so homely and cosy.

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Quote from: timewomble on Aug 11, 2020, 11:18 amWhich reminds me to ask: how many Tardis shell builds have you done now? Feels like about a dozen!

Depending on how you count: two, three, four or five. I have three bases, but two of the builds are transformers, so I get five Tardises from the pieces - just only three at any given time. And one of those is now permanently a pantry in the kitchen. So really only two that I could actually photograph next to each other. And I will one day.

Neither of them is as nice on the inside as TG's. :)