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Classic Dalek Gun Confetti Cannon

Started by elkad, Aug 07, 2020, 07:04 pm

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I think I might have the right springs to launch my confetti. The springs are attached to a pin threw a center PVC rod. I glued a piece of wood in the top of the pipe so it it wold block & slide smoothly, pushing out all the confetti. When I tested the springs, it not only shot out the confetti, but the wood glued plug too. Well now I know the springs are strong enough. Now I have to pin the plug to the PVC so it wont shoot out again.
I'm still trying to figure out how to mount the back part of the barrel, fix the handle rod for firing & making the latching trigger clamps. The way things look, the handle tube should be glued or bolted. If I glue it I wont be able to get to the spring if something go's wrong & need to replace a part. (THINKING.....)

Classic Dalek Gun095.jpgClassic Dalek Gun096.jpgClassic Dalek Gun097.jpg


I put another wood plug in the tube, glued it & pined it down.
I then made a trigger clamp with some flatten PVC, wrapped it around the barrel pipe, pined & bolted in place. I used a rubber band to hold the clamp in place. It's suppose to push out when you set the piston rod down the barrel. I might of made a mistake somewhere. I do know the clamp has to be 90* to the bolt. Also, the bolts are set with 2 nuts on ether side to set at a gap for the clamp.

Classic Dalek Gun098.jpgClassic Dalek Gun099.jpgClassic Dalek Gun100.jpgClassic Dalek Gun101.jpgClassic Dalek Gun102.jpg

I also made a quick test video. Honestly, I think I would have a better chance if I made a simple "Cork POP Gun".
Classic Dalek Confetti Cannon Test

Toy physics - Pop guns-- cork, potato, or foam poppers // Homemade Science with Bruce Yeany


All I'm reminded of is this...

FYI this was a long time ago and isn't really PC anymore
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