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Classic Dalek Gun Confetti Cannon

Started by elkad, Aug 07, 2020, 07:04 pm

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Aug 07, 2020, 07:04 pm Last Edit: Aug 10, 2020, 05:58 pm by elkad

I just had a GRATE IDEA. I'm going to build a Classic Dalek Gun with a confetti cannon in it.
Once it's finished, It should look like this.

Screenshot from Power Of The Daleks, best pic I could find of the Dalek Gun shaft.



 Now lets start with the barrel. (I keep forgetting to resize the pics)

Classic Dalek Gun001.jpgClassic Dalek Gun002.jpgClassic Dalek Gun003.jpgClassic Dalek Gun004.jpgClassic Dalek Gun005.jpgClassic Dalek Gun006.jpgClassic Dalek Gun007.jpg

I'm making the tabs that hold the wire on the barrel & a slide breach to load confetti.

Classic Dalek Gun008.jpgClassic Dalek Gun009.jpgClassic Dalek Gun010.jpgClassic Dalek Gun011.jpg

Three layers of thin cardboard to make a stencil. The instructions making a "Classic Dalek Gun", the barrel disks were made of 3mm acrylic.

Classic Dalek Gun012.jpg

BTW: Dose anyone have any ideas on how to fold the gun wires in a circle pattern?

Davros Skaro

If you look closely at the dalek gun, you can see 2 braces on it. I would say these hold the rods in place.

good work making this.


I'm glad Daleks aren't my hobby.  The gun would drive me mad.  So close to being a paint roller.  So close to being a cooking whisk.  But neither would actually work for the gun.
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.


Aug 09, 2020, 05:28 pm #4 Last Edit: Aug 09, 2020, 05:33 pm by elkad
Stenciling & cutting an old piece of acrylic. I put a bucket under the grinder to catch the leftover bits that fall off.

Classic Dalek Gun013.jpgClassic Dalek Gun014.jpgClassic Dalek Gun015.jpgClassic Dalek Gun016.jpg

I didn't have a large enough stepper bit, so I used the largest I had & sanded the rest down with a my Dremel.

Classic Dalek Gun017.jpg

I made a mark using a file so I know all the discs are straight & level. Thing is now I think about it. If I sanded the disk correctly, all the sides would be level no mater which way I turn them.

Classic Dalek Gun018.jpgClassic Dalek Gun019.jpg

I taped the disk sides with masking tape & 1/8" crafting tape & cut out the black lines. At this point I completely forgot I had a box knife & didn't need to use a razor blade.

No message is associated with this attachment.Classic Dalek Gun022.jpg

I used the marker to mark off the ones I cut. Them cut lines are hard to see.

Classic Dalek Gun023.jpgClassic Dalek Gun024.jpg

I couldn't think on how to put the disks on my paint hanger, so I made some orange road cones out of index cards.

Classic Dalek Gun025.jpgClassic Dalek Gun026.jpg

When using a razor bade, CATION: TAKE IT SLOW!

Classic Dalek Gun027.jpg

I put the disks on the barrel, held them down with the end pieces & Dremeled the wire tabs. I use a couple pieces of hanger wire to lock in, line up, & measure how big a hole I needed.

Classic Dalek Gun029.jpgClassic Dalek Gun028.jpg


Awesome. Looking really good.


I will be using the classic hanger wire. To untwist, simply take a pare of pliers, handle both wire ends & twist.

Classic Dalek Gun030.jpg

Stretch & bend the wire the best you can straight. I used a measured piece of wood to bend the wire. I sanded the edges to give the wire a round profile.

Classic Dalek Gun031.jpgClassic Dalek Gun032.jpgNo message is associated with this attachment.

Clamp the wire down & bend with another piece of wood.

Classic Dalek Gun034.jpgClassic Dalek Gun035.jpg

Finish the wire by pliers, give it a 90 degree angel & snip the tip.

Classic Dalek Gun036.jpgClassic Dalek Gun037.jpg

Now paint, & the difficult part, putting the wire in & gluing it all down. I used string to hold it in place before gluing. BTW: You may need to adjust the angel of wire or length & the disc tab depth. It's also difficult to add the discs without scratching the paint on the barrel.

Classic Dalek Gun038.jpg

The next update will be the gun shaft pipe..,thingy, on the back. Anyone got a name to describe the...,thingy?


That is very skillfully done.  As someone who tends to just shoot from the hip and eyeball things, it's always neat to watch someone who is very precise and methodical do something. 
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.


I'm trying to work out how to make the handle shaft. I have 2 to 3 ideas. 1, find a pvc pipe that will fit the plastic ornament half, 2 make a handle shaft out of thick cardboard tube, or 3, modify a pipe that is closes fit.
I first tried using a cardboard can that fit the hemisphere. Added cardbord slips, glued them together & gave it a wood filler & paper bag layer.

Classic Dalek Gun039.jpgClassic Dalek Gun040.jpg

Measuring the width & length of the entire tube.

Classic Dalek Gun041.jpgClassic Dalek Gun043.jpgClassic Dalek Gun042.jpgClassic Dalek Gun044.jpg

I used the hemisphere & paper to measure the center of the sphere. I folded the stenciled circle, marked it & uses string to mark out the sphere on the top. I do remember, there is a scribing tool to find the center of a sphere. I forget what it's called.

Classic Dalek Gun045.jpg
I thought of just punting the cardboard tube in the irrigation PVC pipe but it looks to wide.
I'm going to cut the PVC pipe to size, if it doesn't work, I'll go back to the cardboard tube & bulk it up with more cardboard.

Classic Dalek Gun046.jpgClassic Dalek Gun047.jpgClassic Dalek Gun048.jpgClassic Dalek Gun049.jpg


I found what I was thinking on how to find the center of a hemisphere. It's a scribing height gauge. I found it wile watching Adam Savage's One Day Builds: NASA Retro-Reflector Replica.

If you like to watch the video.

I wish I had one. I look around to see if I can find a how to video on making one.

Hight Gage.jpg


I'm using a piece of scrap cardboard to measure out the circumference of the tube.
I cut irrigation PVC & checked to see if my hemisphere wold fit. Some how my measurements were of & had to glue some of the PVC strips back.

Classic Dalek Gun050.jpgClassic Dalek Gun051.jpgClassic Dalek Gun054.jpgClassic Dalek Gun055.jpg

I'm using a 1/2" PVC pipe & wood dowel for the confetti plunger & handle rod.
It's easy to make a diagram on a computer, but finding the right parts, that is whats difficult.
If I can't find the right parts, I may have to reformat my diagram.

Classic Dalek Gun056.jpgClassic Dalek Gun057.jpg

I have to sand down the pipe plunger using a small dowel on my drill lathe. (I need to make a holder for my drill. Doing this by hand makes my lathe wobbly.)

Classic Dalek Gun058.jpgClassic Dalek Gun059.jpgClassic Dalek Gun060.jpg

As for the spring loaded tube, I'm still trying to work out how to make it.

Classic Dalek Gun052.jpgClassic Dalek Gun053.jpg


I'm having problems so I'm changing my plunger, using a video I found on how to make a PVC Nerf Gun.

Classic Dalek Gun062.jpgClassic Dalek Gun063.jpgClassic Dalek Gun064.jpgClassic Dalek Gun065.jpgClassic Dalek Gun066.jpgClassic Dalek Gun067.jpg

Now the rod brace & piston.

Classic Dalek Gun069.jpgClassic Dalek Gun070.jpgClassic Dalek Gun071.jpgClassic Dalek Gun072.jpg


I used a 4" hole saw to make a handle tube plugs.

Classic Dalek Gun073.jpgClassic Dalek Gun074.jpg

I wanting to use a wood rod to set the gun, but problems due to pipe size & have to use a 3/8" Pipe as a sheath for the screw rod.
I heated one side, & using a sharpen wood dowel adapter to insert a nut.

Classic Dalek Gun075.jpgClassic Dalek Gun077.jpgClassic Dalek Gun078.jpg

I flatten more 3/8 Pipe & 1/2" wood dowel for the piston handle.

Classic Dalek Gun076.jpgClassic Dalek Gun079.jpg

I drilled the holes in the wood rod & attached the flat PVC.

Classic Dalek Gun080.jpgClassic Dalek Gun081.jpgClassic Dalek Gun082.jpg

I have to get another stepper bit to have the right size hole for the main gun shaft.
I'm still working out the angels, length of tube.
I had a problem with the spring I made. It was to week to pop the test confetti I did to see if the plunger worked. I tried a thicker spring & it was too strong.
So I'm going to have to go to the hardware store to find a spring that works.
If the spring thing doesn't work, I'm switching to rubber bands. That means I'll have to rig my gun to open up if a rubber band brakes.


I found another possible way to make my confetti gun. And this one actually shoots confetti.


Murphy's law has smacked me in the face, AGAIN!
I got a new stepper bit, made a test hole, test fit a pipe that I thought I cut off the main gun barrel. I cut a 7/8" hole for a 3/4" gray or very light brown pipe, but the pipe I'm unseeing is a white 1/2" witch is SOOO slightly smaller in thickness than the 7/8" hole.

Classic Dalek Gun084.jpgClassic Dalek Gun085.jpg

Now I have 3 PVC disk with the wrong size hole. I have 2 choices, ether go threw the possess of flatting more PVC & cutting 3 more disks with the correct hole, or glue gray 3/4" pipe in the hole as a spacer & cut & sand out the extra very carefully. I went for the latter.

Classic Dalek Gun091.jpgClassic Dalek Gun092.jpg

I used the spacer disks & the barrel pipe to mark off the center of the hemisphere. I went one level lower than 7/8" & slowly sanded the hole to fit.

Classic Dalek Gun086.jpgClassic Dalek Gun088.jpg

"BIG TIP" Start off using 3/4 & 1" gray pipe instead of the 1/2" white pipe I'm using now. Things will fit alot better & the 7/8" hole will fit perfectly without any additional sanding.

Classic Dalek Gun089.jpgClassic Dalek Gun090.jpg

I just found I cut the main barrel too short. The coupler was suppose to be behind the spacer disk so the disk could lie flat against the hemisphere.

Classic Dalek Gun093.jpgClassic Dalek Gun094.jpg

I still have to cut another disk to make a pipe cap I can bolt down on the back.

Oh! BTW: I couldn't find the right size spring for the 1/2" barrel tube. I'm going to have to redo my design again, to ether use tension springs or rubber bands.