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Timelash Guardolier Rifle

Started by elkad, Aug 02, 2020, 07:32 pm

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I'm trying to figure out the parts to this prop & would like you opinion if I'm in the right direction.

The handle to this Timelash Guardolier Rifle looks like a butane soldering iron.

Original image from:

Timelash Guardolier Rifle.jpggun handle likeness.jpg


Oh, BTW, is this a light or just a reflection off a metal piece?
d06-6y-c470 edit.jpg


2) I'm going to go with "reflection."  It lines up about right with the shine on the actor's forehead and it doesn't make sense that they'd put a light there.
1) Good call on the soldering iron.  My first guess would've been "hot glue gun," but the more I look at them, they mostly have a pivoting trigger instead of one that goes straight back.
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I was looking around for a handle, & was thinking, it was ether a 45 degree angled pvc pipe or a handle to a impact tool or drill. I don't know what it is, but that handle looks familiar, I've seen it somewhere.
The best I can think of doing, if I can't find that specific tool, is make a gun & trigger from an angled pipe & electric trigger switch.

45 Degree PVC Tee Air Conditioning Pipe Fittings Grey.jpgl17-2-w01.jpg

Davros Skaro

I was thinking this looks like a battery drill with a nut driver piece attachment or something like that.

Quote from: elkad on Aug 02, 2020, 07:32 pmjpg[/attach]gun handle likeness.jpg