Oxygen 12th Doctor Damaged Sonic Screwdriver

Started by rocca, Jul 27, 2020, 08:04 pm

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Hi everyone, today Prop Store started their auctions and there are some Doctor Who props. Here there are some the auction photos. Looking closely I think that they used a CO sonic screwdriver as a base, on the bottom of the rods you can see some mould lines and the two boxes full of things on the said of the central body looks like the one of the toys (you can also see the damaged tips as probably they cut them from the silver ring). 371738_9.jpg371739_9.jpg371740_9.jpg371741_9.jpg371742_9.jpg371743_9.jpg371744_9.jpg371745_9.jpg


I would say this is definitely the toy, judging by the missing grub screw on the lower half of the emitter section, and how the central emitter rod is much more flush with the assembly, rather than protruding out.


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Some days ago I found that photo of the sonic. I think that this photo has been made at Rubbertoe Props and is visible that the rods are different as the screws are more prominent and there are some rods on the table.