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New, New TardisBuilders!


Started by scotland yard, Jul 18, 2020, 11:42 pm

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scotland yard

Jul 18, 2020, 11:42 pm Last Edit: Jul 19, 2020, 11:06 am by scotland yard Reason: Realized I didn't delete the line I used to space the TARDISes between the NSTs.
You know what we haven't got in quite some time? An updated evolution of the TARDIS diagram. There are some around, but we've got so much better dimensions now and a new prop! So I thought I'd take a stab at it myself. They are not coloured because I when I tried it, I looked at the result and it was so bad I just wanted to stab my eyes out, so I leave paint for another more talented person. But in the meantime, an updated TARDIS diagram including a police box to help make your mind up to what you want to do.


'Scuse the quality, I had to shrink it to fit the upload limit.
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Nicely done.  I'll say it again:  As an American who is old enough to remember both classic Dr. Who on PBS and full-sized US phone booths, there's a mental trick that happens.  A phone booth is our frame of reference so even the smaller TARDISes, when you see one full size, it's a lot bigger than you thought it would be.  And even the biggest TARDISes don't compare to the true Met box in size. 

Second observation is that it is amazing how subtle little changes in a relative dimension here or there totally change the look of the box.  But you don't realize how different they are until you see them all side by side. 
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need an updated one? your missing three Ed thomas refurbs on there

scotland yard

Well, @wolf_man22, I originally intended to do *every* variant and every subtle change, but I had drawn around thirty different variants and I hadn't even finished with the TYJs. And while the Richmond/Thomas TARDIS did go through some changes, the most obvious ones are the thickening of the corner posts and the St John Ambulance sticker. I know more things were done to the props and there are at least four SJA stickers used throughout the years, but the changes are a bit too subtle to be included in an overall and simple evolution diagram.

If it's any consolation, I'm not done with this. I'm still working on drawing all the changes the props suffered throughout the years and making sort of like the "Evolution of the Daleks" guide Project Dalek has, but with TARDISes. If that does come to fruition it will have all the changes and refurbs of the Richmond/Thomas TARDIS.

That will take a while though.
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Angelus Lupus

Very nice reference! As for including every variant.. well, at that scale, and assuming this to be a "how to spot the main types" guide, the slight differences in the Ed Thomas wouldn't really be noticeable. You could include a second TYJ, with the thicker top-sign border, etc - or perhaps separate images for the in-depth details of each era?
Having said that, I'd happily save a comprehensive "Every variation, ever!" image as well! :D
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Very nice diagram

scotland yard

Jul 27, 2020, 07:22 pm #6 Last Edit: Jul 27, 2020, 07:23 pm by scotland yard
I made a GIF with all the changes done to the Brachacki from 1963 to 1976

You know how I said I drew around 30 different boxes and I hadn't even finished with the TYJs? Well, now that I've been revising the drawings and changes with TB instead of the small pesky screenshots of, the Brachacki, across its thirteen years of being chopped up, collected 29 different variants (sort of. Three versions are dedicated to The War Machines and the "Out of order" sign that just wouldn't stay still). So there will be much more variants than anticipated.

Anyway, posting this just so that you know I'm not ignoring this project of collecting all the variants in one single graph or booklet. Because life for me has this sick habit of interrupting me and making it impossible to do what I want to do. The most recent victims of this being a dalek and a TARDIS build. I'll try to complete this one thing though, before summer ends, because after that, it'll be the tricky equilibrium of things to do and time, plus new tasks that so conveniently decided to take up more of my ever-dwindling time. I'm telling you this just so that you're warned that I'll probably drop off the face of the Earth in September, but I haven't left you!
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