TARDISmans toyota TARDIS console room model

Started by wolf_man22, May 14, 2020, 02:39 pm

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this is something new for me ive been working on for the past couple months as i attempt to build a TARDIS interior heres the progress of the interior so far enjoy folks :)82.jpgconsole.jpg45 bar.1.jpgco.45787.jpg2013_interior_so_far.jpgconle.4.jpg


update on the interior all i have to do now if fix the railings add controls to the console and add the exterior doors and shes finished 787589fh.jpgc787.jpg


Doors modelled and rendered now to put them onto the console roomjpg.jpg

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Nice work! Excellent lighting!

Slight issue with the textures stretching around the sides. But otherwise it looks great  :)
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Lovely work. Love this interior.
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‪Well she's finished now , a project 5 months in the making that I took all week to try and piece together and render together , after many crashes here's she is the Smith 7b interior enjoy folks , do bare In mind this nearly broke my PC and keyshot usually has lighting glitches when rendering huge models1.jpg2.jpg4.jpg3.jpg

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