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Brian's UNIT ATMOS Land Rover Defender

Started by too_many_cars, May 03, 2020, 05:19 pm

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Here's a few photos of my UNIT land rover defender, the same model and nearly the same year as the ATMOS Defender that tries to drive David Tennant into a lake in "The Sontaran Strategem".

Her name is Fenric, so I can contribute electrical problems to a Viking curse.

Its a 1986 Land Rover 110, refurbished with a cage, a fibreglass roof, and a rebuilt engine/transmission as part of 'Project Tithonus' in 2007.  She was a military radio truck, and as far as I can tell she hasn't driven more than 1000 miles since the rebuild.

She tops out at around 70-75mph depending on crosswinds and highway grade.

Fun fact:  In town, she gets the same mileage (~26mpg) as my 2010 Mini Cooper, so when it's not too warm I daily drive her to work on surface streets - it's actually cheaper because Diesel is less than 91 octane in my area!

2019-10-31 10.31.14 copy.jpg2019-10-31 10.31.17 copy.jpg2019-10-31 10.31.32 copy.jpg[attachid]2019-10-31 10.31.38.jpg[/attach]2019-10-31 10.31.41 copy.jpg2019-10-31 10.31.58 copy.jpg


For the 2019 Hollywood Christmas parade, I took the roof off and fit all 14 Doctors inside for a trip down Hollywood blvd.


We had a lovely laugh that Getty Images gave us a press photo as "the cast of Doctor Who", too:

the cast of doctor who.JPG2019-12-07 12.57.11.jpg2019-12-19 16.13.01.jpg2019-12-21 08.56.14.jpggetty Copy-of-041326-01-08-1575277047774_16ec5d42fdf_original-ratio.jpg


That's brilliant!    Great number plate too.     Since they stopped producing them, the Defenders are highly 'desirable' to thieves in the UK, for stripping down for spare parts.

Even before it was discontinued, a friend had his stolen when his wife had parked in Tesco!   He was gutted.  He'd restored it and his was immaculate too.