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Lockdown Console

Started by allons-y263, May 03, 2020, 01:04 pm

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A few weeks ago, due to being extremely bored during this lockdown, I began to make a start on a TARDIS console. I've wanted to do this for many years but for some reason I never did. I started by cutting out the console panels using cardboard from a guitar box (something I recently started learning). The length of the panels are 21 inches across the bottom, and 7.5 inches across the top. They are 11.25 inches in height and have an inside angle of 67 degrees. After cutting them out, I put some tape on the back of the panels to see how the console looked. And it looked pretty good.76BDA1D1-CA72-4F59-A054-F78D13FFF40A.jpeg


A few days later, I used glue and tape to fix the panels together. Later on that day I began to apply paper mache to the front of the console for further support. I then applied more paper mache to the back of the console the day after. This has made the console far less flimsy which is great!AF3E5CF9-7C6B-4B1A-A756-4E777D2AA6E6.jpegA29140EF-0C91-4BC6-8D46-5B3928DD95A9.jpeg480F659E-80D6-4A30-BAE0-8FD9600A2862.jpeg


Since then, I have found most of the buttons and switches that I acquired 3 years ago and have drawn out a possible design. Then I started to make some Hartnell/Troughton style levers using cardboard, some dowel, polystyrene balls and a cocktail skewer. This took longer than I thought but the end product was 2 very cool levers.image.jpg11C17CC1-F1EC-4B15-9ACD-58102C6535EF.jpeg59159713-C694-447B-B597-81E5B9A35D80.jpeg70DF754A-F824-4963-B0B8-F5AA6D652BC3.jpeg


Over the past two weeks, I've been quite busy doing other things so I've only had a couple of days to do bits on the console. I have started to make a stand for it out of another large cardboard box. This is coming on quite well. I've also applied paper mache to the classic levers and I plan on painting them (and possibly even the console/stand) the next dry day that I have some free time. I'm quite pleased at how it's looking right now to be honest  :)A79DE747-3D6F-4882-BC8B-9A0D28505769.jpeg


I hope we haven't lost you during the shutdown.  And I hope replying to this thread will send you an e-mail so you know we're back up and you can give us some updates.
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